Half a year later: The Work From Home experience
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Half a year later: The Work From Home experience

61 views • Sep 08th, 2020

The global WFH phenomenon has been a cause of changes in dynamics at the personal and professional level, which, in turn, have caused a domino effect on various parts of lives. As most organisations continue to encourage employees to WFH, with some even declaring 2020 as being the year of WFH, the situation has put us in this state of haze - the struggle to balance work-and-home while working from home is a harsh reality!
As someone who’s been working from home for more than a year now, I am well aware of how little it takes to send that precariously balanced routine tumbling. And trying to find that space to focus and work, set boundaries with family members, try not to get distracted… to many battles to be won there! Not to mention the emotional ramifications and realisations when you feel isolated, realise that hour-long meeting was more an exercise in co-worker bonding than discussing work and battle to bring the team together virtually! But everyone has found a way around this new phase of life and most have emerged stronger, wiser and with some interesting learnings, the kind that had me nodding my head in agreement!
Tips to make WFH easier
There are a few more things that can make life easier when WFH is a norm…
-        setting boundaries with family members
-        creating rules to help you focus
-        sticking to the rules that you made
-        using a to-do list with some realistic goals for increased productivity
-        dress for work, even if its WFH
-        stay away from places you relax
-        remove unnecessary distractions
-        opt for an ergonomically designed chair
-        exercise! Move your body!
-        create a dedicated workspace/desk
But does everyone think like I do? Does everyone feel that having a dedicated workspace/work desk makes WFH life... READ MORE

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