Handpicked Examples of Incredible Rebranding Success Stories

Handpicked Examples of Incredible Rebranding Success Stories

"Hey, did you know that Cadbury changed their logo?" Jack exclaims.
"What!" exclaims Jill. But their logos are identical; I can't tell the difference."
"Man, they just modified and added a line in Cadbury's 'b'."
"What a rebranding!" exclaims Jill.

In today's blog, we're going to discuss about rebranding.
When you first establish a business, branding is usually the last thing on your mind. After all, it's tough to sit down and browse fonts if you have no idea who your clients are or where they are.
Furthermore, even if you initially emphasised brand identity development, a change in business strategies may have rendered your original branding approach obsolete. Whether you started (and ended) with a scribbled logo on a bowl or worked your way through the complete branding process – from branded content to branding variations - something broke along the way.
Whatever brought you here, you're unhappy. Rebranding is not unusual, fortunately; several prominent companies, from Dunkin' Donuts to Uber, have successfully rebranded in the past. If you're considering rebranding your business, keep reading to learn how to do so and to see examples of other businesses that have successfully redesigned their webpage, name, logo, or complete organisation goal and purpose.
Let's take a look at some of these effective rebranding examples from major corporations. But first, let's speak about a rebranding approach you can implement for your business.

The Most Effective Rebranding Strategies
To implement a rebranding strategy effectively, you must first assess whether your company deserves a partial or complete rebrand. Then, by performing research to discover which demographic you plan to attract with a relaunch, re-establish your company's target audience. Finally, reconsider your company's goals, mission, and values, and base your strategy on these new interpretations.
Now, here are some rebranding strategies to consider:
1.    Make a plan
One of the most significant rebranding methods is to change your logo. Customers will notice that your company's identity has changed if you use a new logo. You can simplify it by using different colours, for example. The main reason for updating your logo is to ensure that it corresponds to the new persona you're attempting to promote with the rebrand.

2. Repositioning Your Brand
After modifying your logo, it's vital to shift your brand positioning. You can't just change your colours and logo and call it a day. Your marketing content must express a certain message, such as your objective, values, or point of view. Customers will be informed of your new mission, ideals, or vision by changing your brand's positioning.

3. Now, make some new advertisements.
After you've decided on your logo and messaging, it's time to create fresh ads and content that reflect those messages. These ads should clearly describe the changes to your brand and its ramifications for customers. This can help you reach a wider audience and attract a different demographic.

4. Change the tone of your brand
Finally, you should think about modifying the brand's voice while rebranding. The point of view from which you produce all of your marketing content is known as your brand's voice. You can use a formal, relaxed, or witty tone of voice. It makes sense to update your company's tone of voice and announce the branding in that new voice.
Now that you know how to rebrand, you can put them into practise while examining these effective rebranding examples.

Examples of Rebranding
From Dunkin' Donuts to Dunkin' Donuts

This year, Dunkin' Donuts was renamed Dunkin'.
Although the brand is connected with donuts, clients no longer need to hear the term "donuts." Customers were already familiar with the shorter form due to the phrase "America Runs on Dunkin'." Dunkin' Donuts is a fantastic example of successful rebranding since it modernises the customer experience while staying true to its roots. With a new logo, packaging, shop revamps, and brand messaging across all marketing and advertising channels, the rebrand extends from within the business to the outside world.
A rebranding lesson from Dunkin' Donuts - If you're altering your name or a piece of it, make sure your customers are aware can still identify your business (consider longtime consumers as well as new ones). To create a pleasant customer experience, continue rebranding from design to messaging.

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