Herbs That Will Protect From The Flu

Herbs That Will Protect From The Flu

Herbs That Will Protect From The Flu, Uses and benefits

In this time of crisis, everyone wants to stay safe and want to eat healthily. In India, in this period everyone house makes a medicinal drink which is known as “kadha”. In this drink, various types of spices and herbs are added to keep the body warm and healthy. Some spices can help you to get rid of the flu and cold. Herbs are small plants that have frag ace properties and medicinal properties. In these plants, the leaf part is useful either in the fresh form or in the dried form. Every herb has its health improving properties. It is another way to add flavor or pigment to the food or dish.

After summer, when the winter arrives cool air might freshen up your mind but in the air, many germs or infection can attack people. For example influenza. It is an infection in which commonly occur in the winter. Many people associate it with the common cold because both of the infection is associate with a respiratory issue. Both the infections have similar signs but both the infection are started with different viruses. This type of infection mainly enter through the nose and passes into the oral cavity affecting the lungs. Mainly these kinds of flu can be protected from the kitchen herbs during the winter season.

These herbs are available in organic farms and plant nurseries that are organic and fresh. The organic farm is available in the DELHI NCR, Faridabad. In these places, the farm soil is treated with organic fertilizer without the use of chemical fertilizers. In these organic farms, the soil is treated with the vermicomposting process. In this process, the worms help the soil to become fertile. For example, EISENIA FETIDA is the worms that will help to fertile the soil.



It is the most bitter herb in taste among the herbs. It is a Chinese herb that is mainly used in infection and inflammation. This herb is so bitter that it is known as King if bitter. By acting it in specific peptide, which plays an important role in innate immunity which help to boost the antimicrobial properties in the body.

In the study, it has been found out that patient received tablets that contain andrographis. They experienced fewer flu complications than others people who don’t consume it. This herb helps to control the flu and minimize it. Help to recover the body infections faster.


It is the active part of the herb. For examples coptis, phellodendron and goldenseal. This herb helps reduces the mortality rate death rate to 90% – 50% in the mouse. This herb has a special activity to inhibit the viral neuraminidase and develop the in vitro condition of the inflammatory condition which can harm the tissues and organs of the body.


It is the most used herb to treat influenza. By strengthening and modulating it works in the immune system which has anti-bacterial and anti viral properties. It reduces the severe problems which are related to the respiratory system. It has a great response to the influenza virus. In a laboratory experiment that E. Purpera can avoid influenza.


 The thyme is used to make essential oils and it is bitter. It is believed that if it is added to the antiseptic and immune-supporting behaviour, it can enhance the skin charm and support the immune system. It calms the body and makes the lungs activate. Mainly used to remove the lungs congestion and removal of mucous from the lungs. It is used as a cough h suppressant mainly used in cough syrup.


It has a pungent taste and smell, so it helps to prevent cough. This herb is used to treat bronchitis, cough, hay fever, tuberculosis.

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