Hippie Island – What to do if you visit

Hippie Island – What to do if you visit

Hippie Island

Hampi’s Hippie Island, also known as Virupapura Gadde or Hampi Island, is a mysterious and fascinating excursion in Karnataka, India. After exploring Hampi’s Hippie Island, you can share what we have done and what we think is best to do. It also shows where to eat, sleep, and parties. You’ll also find information on travel and other travel tips for exploring this special island of India.

The first thing to understand when visiting Hampi is that the city is divided into two parts. First, there is Hampi on the mainland where you can find most of the famous Hampi archaeological sites. It’s also a religious and traditional aspect of Hampi, which is why you can hardly find alcohol or meat. The other side, and the place I’m talking about today, is the hippie island of Hampi. Unlike Hampi on the mainland, Hippie Island is incredibly laid back. There are many activities such as bouldering and temple exploration, but most of them come here to enjoy a relaxing and calm atmosphere. It is especially popular with the crowd of hippie backpackers (hence the name) who flock here to eat weeds and rest from the “real” Indian chaos.

What can you expect from your visit to Hippie Island?

You can relax at the cafe. You can explore banana plantations and coconut trees by car. You can also climb the rocks to watch the sunrise or ride the coracles on Lake Sanapur. You can also expect this trip.

How do you get to Hippie Island?

Of course, you need to keep this question in mind when planning your visit to this island. The island is situated on the opposite side of the Tungabhadra River from Hampi. The best route you can choose to get to this island is to cross the Hampi River. The ideal means of transportation is a boat near Hampi’s Bill Paksha Temple.

To reach the island, it’s just a 5-minute drive away. The boat fare is 50 Indian Rupees. You can take a boat trip from 8 am and board the boat from the temple around 5:30 pm. Indeed, this is the official time. Nevertheless, in India, you can find some people crossing the river also around 8:30 pm. Keep in mind that nighttime driving fees are almost four times higher.

Activities on Hippie Island:

Cliff Jumping on Lake Sanupur

After a busy day of sightseeing, there is no cooler way than to swim refreshingly on the lake. Despite the crocodile warning sign, backpackers flock to this place for swimming, cliff jumping and sunbathing. If you like something stronger, you can even find locals selling cold beer and other substances here. Apparently, no one has seen a crocodile here. It makes sense to think of it as a closed reservoir. When I took the plunge, it didn’t stop us from getting nervous! You’ll probably find it more comfortable to opt for a relaxing Collacle Ride instead. It seems that there is no danger of reptiles, but there are some places where vortices and strong currents exist. If no one can see underwater, ask the locals in advance where you can swim safely.

     2. Experience world-class bouldering

What was once reserved for experienced mountaineers is now available in Hampi for all adventurous visitors. For those who don’t know, bouldering is a form of rock climbing. And the landscape of Hampi is full of rocks, so there’s no better place to try it for the first time.

Hampi’s bouldering was more popular on the hippie island side of the river, and endless sensational views left us a word. Such moments remind us of how beautiful the world is. Although not required, we recommend that you do not try this activity without a guide. There are many small tour operators promoting this experience. However, we highly recommend the Tom & Jerry Climbing Shop. You have all the knowledge and equipment you need to ensure your safety. People traveling without a guide should be very careful when bouldering in Hampi. There are no hospitals in this area and in extreme cases it can be difficult to find if injured.

      3. Watch the sunset from Sunset Hill

The sunset in Hampi is a fascinating experience. Never forget the sun disappearing over a mysterious rocky landscape. There are many places to get the most out of the sights at the end of the day, but none are much better than those at Sunset Hill. Every night, a crowd of tourists and locals gather on the hills for a sunset jam session. Drum circles, dancers, Chai Wala Boys, and heavy clouds of suspicious odorants are waiting for you here! To get to Sunset Hill, you can walk parallel to the main road with rice fields on your left and inns and restaurants until you find a rocky mountain. You need to climb rocks to reach the sunset point, but it’s relatively easy to climb and not too dangerous.

      4. Visit Hanuman Temple in Anjanaya Hill

Hanuman Temple, also known as Monkey Temple, is one of the best places on Hippie Island. Located on Anjaneya Hills, just 3 km from the arterial road, it offers unparalleled views of the fascinating Hampi landscape. According to local beliefs, Anjanaya Hills is the birthplace of the Hindu monkey god Hanuman. Therefore, it is quite ironic that a flock of annoying monkeys constantly roam the grounds. Note that while doing this, monkeys are known to be aggressive. But as long as you ignore them and keep out the food you might have, they are sure to leave you alone. At the top of the hill, Hanuman Temple serves as a pilgrimage site for local believers. However, getting here is not an easy task. To reach the summit of, you must first tackle a tough 600-step climb. While enjoying the Challenge, it is advisable to visit early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the temperature is low. The temple itself is small but lively, and it is always encouraging to see the locals making offerings. You can go inside, but when you do, the blessing person may ask you to make a small donation. The temple was so insignificant compared to the other temples we visited in India, so we looked out from the side and marveled at the scenery.

      5. Go to Temple Hopping on Hippie Island in Hampi

Not surprisingly, Hanuman Temple is not the only temple on Hippie Island. Even if it’s not as well known as the popular Monkey Temple, there are some things worth visiting. The first thing I suggest to you is the Durga Temple. This temple is different from the glamorous temples of mainland Hampi, but with a much smaller crowd. It is a few hours’ drive from the main area of ​​Hippie Island. However, if you rent a scooter, you can spend the day covering other temples and attractions on this list. Another temple worth seeing is the Sri Vijayarakshmi Temple. The sacred temple is just 7 km from Hippie Island, next to the Pampas (lake) surrober. In Hindu mythology lakes are important. So if you are interested in Indian history, you will find this trip interesting.

      6. Rent a scooter to explore Hippie Island

The island is relatively small, but the easiest and cheapest way to get there is with a scooter. Most guesthouses allow you to rent a scooter for about 300 rupees per day. Roads are not in the best condition. However, it’s best to make it easier anyway. In this way, you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery that decorates Hippie Island. While driving on a dangerous road, I came across lush rice fields, picturesque villages and prehistoric landscapes. Hampi’s culture is as fascinating as its history and we loved spending our days there.

        7. Try Bhaang Lassi

If you want to try Bangu in India, there is no better place than Hampi Island. The unique landscape and mysterious energy has something to bring about a beautiful and spiritual experience. For those who don’t know, bangs are an edible form of cannabis. It has various strengths in India and is often very strong. There is a subtle line between whether it is legal in India. Therefore, be careful if you choose to participate. Bhang Lassi is easy to find on Hippie Island and is probably the safest place to try in India. Search for “Special Lassi” in the menu or don’t be afraid to ask a question.

       8. Explore Hampi. On the mainland

If you plan to spend most of your time on Hippie Island, you can’t miss Hampi on the mainland.

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