How EV Charging Stations Work?

How EV Charging Stations Work?

Electric vehicles (EV) are an essential part of owning an electric vehicle. All electric cars don’t have a gas tank; Instead of filling your car with gallons of gasoline, just plug your car into the charging station to refuel. The average electric car driver charges 80 percent of his car at home. Here’s your guide to the types of electric car charging points and the expected cost of charging your electric vehicle.

Different type of charging stations for electric vehicles

Charging an electric car is a very simple process: just connect your electric car to a charger that is plugged connected with the power supply. However, not all electric vehicle charging stations are configured the same. Some can be installed by simply plugging them into any standard electrical outlet, while other charging systems require custom installation. The charging time for your car also depends on the charger used.

EV Charging Stations: Level 1 chargers

Level 1 chargers use a 120V AC plug and can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet. Unlike other chargers, Level 1 chargers do not require the installation of additional devices. These chargers generally offer a charging range of two to five miles per hour and are most often used in the home.

Level 1 chargers are the cheapest charging option, but they also take longer time to charge your car battery. Homeowners often use these types of chargers to charge their cars overnight.

EV Charging Stations: Level 2 chargers

Tier 2 chargers are used for residential and commercial charging stations. They use a 240V plug or 208V plug and, unlike Level 1 chargers, cannot be plugged into any standard outlet. Instead, they are usually installed by a professional. They can also be installed as part of a solar system. Level 2

Electric Car Chargers offer a range of 10 to 60 miles per hour of charge. They can fully charge an electric car battery in just two hours, making them an ideal choice for both owners who need a quick charge and businesses looking to offer charging points to their customers.

EV Charging Stations: Level 3 chargers

DC fast chargers, also known as Level 3 or CHA demo charging stations, give your electric car a range of 60-100 miles in just 20 minutes of charging time. However, they are typically only used in commercial and industrial applications; require powerful and highly specialized equipment for installation and maintenance.

Not all electric cars can be charged with DC fast chargers. Most plug-in hybrid electric vehicles do not have this charging feature and some fully electric vehicles cannot be charged with a DC fast charger.

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