How To Add A Page To WordPress Based Website

How To Add A Page To WordPress Based Website

Business enterprises irrespective of size are focussing on showing themselves to a larger audience. That’s why creating a website is a fascinating thing.

Opening a website for your business would help people would know and engage in commercial relations. This should be your ultimate motto. 

But how and where are these websites prepared?  

According to a survey around 43% of the websites are built on the WordPress. Bloggers, Small business organizations, and even top 500 fortune-based companies are creating their web pages on the Word press!. 

You could do it too!! 

You need to download the WordPress software through thenewpiratebay and then start your page. 

This very study will provide a step-by-step methodology regarding the way a page needs to be created in the Word Press.

What Exactly Is WordPress ??

WordPress is a content management system. This denotes You could build your website according to your business requirements on WordPress.

The Content Management System provides different plug-in architecture and a template system for you to build your own website according to your wish. 

Why WordPress? Key Benefits

Companies are choosing WordPress before other CMSs because WordPress provides certain benefits to its users:

1. Firstly, WordPress is absolutely free to all. There is no fee attached to it. You could download the software's from 

2. There is no hassle in hosting your page. You just need to hold all your Text, Audio Clips, brochures, White pages, and images. 

3. WordPress provides you with multiple themes. The outer layer of your website needs to be catchy enough so as to arrest the attention of the customers. This needs to be stylish. 

4. You could easily add the Website content. It is fast as well as simple for anyone. 

5. Easy Updates. 

Adding A PAGE To WordPress 

There is a particularly structured way through which you could add a page in the Word Press though it is not that tough you know. You need to follow certain steps to complete the entire process.

Step 1: Login

First, you log in to the dashboard admin with the help of your login details (through Username and Password).

Step 2: Page Menu

Now you need to move your cursor over the Page Menu. These two options would appear to you. They Add new and All-New. You will have to click “Add New”.  

After you click Add New you will be redirected to the Page Editor section of WordPress. 

Step 3: Adding A Title To The WordPress Page 

Whatever content you would like to create for your website you need to add a Title to the Content.

Step 4: Content Creation

After adding the Title, now you need to create the content for your page. You could even select a block too by clicking the Plus Sign button on the top left of the WordPress page.

Within the Blocks you will get different options for formatting your Text:

In the Paragraph Block, you could easily jot down your content. 

 The image block would allow you to insert images in the midst of your Content.

 You will need to put the headings and tabulate them under H2, H3, H4, and H 5. 

Through the Gallery Block, you could take pictures stored in Gallery to deck your page

Step 5: WordPress Document Setting 

In this section, you need to go to the Documents Section within the main Page Section. 

There is the Visibility section that shows you how your article will be visible to the viewers.

The Publish section will allow you to choose the date that your page will be published.

Apart from this in the Featured Images section, you could use the pages from there. Choose from the picture to give a fresh look and feel to your page. 

Step 6: Discussion

In this section, you need to enable the comments section if you like others commenting on your page on anything else on your page. 

After this, you need to arrange your pages in such a way that hierarchies are maintained. In the Template Section, they allow Templates on your page.

Step 7: Save Draft And Publish

You need to save all your work on Save Draft. Your Contents and setting automatically get set in the word press. 

Finally, click the Publish button to publish your Content. You are done with creating your page. 


Therefore it could be understood that you could follow certain steps to create your page in WordPress. 

Now that you have created a page in WordPress, you are free to start proceedings!!

So Best of Luck!

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