How to Change Fonts in WordPress (Direct and Plugin Methods)
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How to Change Fonts in WordPress (Direct and Plugin Methods)

29 views • Sep 22nd, 2020

Do you want to change fonts in WordPress to make texts more readable? If so, you’ve reached the right post. Today, we’ll tell you how to change your font family, size, and color in simple steps. 

You may find thousands of free and premium fonts on the web in different categories. Each font type has its own purpose. Some of them may be suitable for designing brochures and ads, not for headlines. Some others could be fit for writing letters. So it’s your responsibility to find the right font that can meet your requirements.

If you are looking for the best font for your website, it should be light-weight and easy to read. Thus you can make sure that it loads fast on all devices and visitors can read texts without hassle. On the other hand, un-optimized fonts can slow down your pages and deteriorate your website performance seriously.

Web fonts vs Local fonts

Google Fonts

Which is the best method to use custom fonts in WordPress? Should you use web fonts (eg. Google Fonts) or local fonts that you hosted on your own servers? 

It is better to go with web fonts. There are hundreds of web fonts available on the web. They are up to date and secure. Google Fonts has a huge collection of free web fonts across different languages.

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