How to Create a YouTube Music Playlist (Desktop and Mobile)
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How to Create a YouTube Music Playlist (Desktop and Mobile)

32 views • Sep 24th, 2020

YouTube is the largest entertainment hub in the world to watch movies, songs, and other videos. If you want to watch any nostalgic song or a thrilling movie scene, just search on Youtube. It will show hundreds of results that match your query. Open a link and it will automatically start playing your favorite video on the screen. 

Similar to playlists on music players, you can create a YouTube playlist also. Do you know that? It will play your favorite videos one by one automatically without any user actions. 

YouTube playlist is an interesting feature to organize similar videos under one head and play them continuously using a desktop browser or YouTube app. Today, we’ll tell you how to create a YouTube music playlist easily. 

Creating a YouTube Music Playlist

Visit YouTube and open a video that you would like to add to a playlist. 

YouTube Music Playlist

Click the ‘Save’ option. Now it will show existing playlists on your account. Tap the Create a new playlist option to create a new list. Enter a name (eg, my favorite songs). Set its privacy as public, unlisted, or private. Anyone can search for and view a public playlist. But a private playlist can be viewed by the creator only. Unlisted playlist stands in between both and anyone having the link can view it. Finally, click on Create to save your new playlist. 

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