How to Edit Footer in WordPress (Step by Step)

How to Edit Footer in WordPress (Step by Step)

Are you looking for how to edit footer on WordPress? A footer is an important part of any website located at the very bottom where you can display brand logo, recent posts and much more.

There may be several reasons that prompt you to edit the footer. Probably, you may want to remove the default copyright text from the newly installed WordPress theme. Or you are keen to customize the section by changing colors, adding more options, etc.

Let us check different methods to edit footer in WordPress websites,

6 ways to Edit Footer on WordPress

Here are they,

1. Edit footer widgets on WordPress!

Many WordPress themes allow you to insert widgets in the footer area. They are useful to display ads, add text and images, create navigation menus, etc.

Sign in to WordPress and visit Appearance > Widgets to add and customize your footer widgets.

Locate Footer widget area. Some WordPress themes like Astra have multiple options to insert widgets on the footer. For Astra, you can add widgets through the Footer bar section and widget area.

Click a widget from the left side or drag it to the footer area to add. Customize settings according to your requirements. Visit your website in a new tab to view how your widget appears in the front-end.

2. Edit footer.php

If you have coding skills, you can edit the footer through theme files. But it is risky. A simple mistake is enough to break your entire website. So you should be vigilant while editing the theme.

It is better to do these things in a staging site. After successfully updating the new footer, simply push changes to the main site to save. Creating a child theme is necessary to apply changes forever. Otherwise, you will lose customization settings with the next theme update. Read this step-by-step guide to get detailed instructions regarding a child theme creation.

Open your theme editor first. Make sure that the correct theme is selected from the top-right corner of your screen. Click on drop-down box to view all installed themes. Tap on Select to load theme files.

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