How to Google Search by Image in Mobile Phone
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How to Google Search by Image in Mobile Phone

11 views • Sep 16th, 2020

Google Reverse image search or search by image is a very helpful feature to find image details and source and image used by how many sites.

It's easy to use Google google search by image in desktop, But It's became lengthy method when someone sends you an image on WhatsApp and you want to verify the image.

You need to send an image to the desktop and follow the procedure.

Here is Info how to use google search by image with mobile phone.

Here is some different Method to google Search by image in mobile.


  1. Open Chrome browser on mobile.
  2. Type and open URL
  3. Now click on three dots on the right top corner and click on Desktop site
  4. After Desktop site load search for the small camera icon
  5. Click on the Camera icon and upload the image
  6. After all, done just click on the search on button
  7. Google will show you all match images and images used by sites

Google Image search in mobile

Google lens Search by Image

Google lens Search by Image

Don’t Want to Use the above method or need a simple method?

Google lens app is a solution for Google image search by mobile phone

  1. Download Google Lens App on your mobile phone
  2. Open the app and allow permissions
  3. Point the camera on the image that you want to search and hit the search button
  4. You can also search image which already on Mobile, Just click on the camera button on the top right corner and upload the image you want to search
  5. Google lens will show you all matching results and info about the image

Google image search in mobile

  1. Visit the Play Store or App Store and search for “search by image”
  2. You will get many apps, Read reviews or download 1 good app
  3. After download open allow for permissions
  4. Upload the image you want to search and press the search button
  5. You will get all the matching results and links.

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