How to increase brain power

How to increase brain power

you have to think of it like a muscle. Eating well is only half of the battle. If you want your brain to grow you need to train it. Reading, games, puzzles, and socializing all contribute to keeping your brain firing properly well into old age. Your brain needs exercise to stay healthy just like your body. So get up, get active, and get invested in something!

The Power of Books

The reasons for getting involved in reading are limitless. Self-help books can help you deal with a variety of social and personal problems. Cook and trade books can help you learn new skills that you didn’t have before. Fiction and nonfiction books can teach you about world history, or give your insight into the workings of other people’s minds.

Simply reading a book has plenty of positive effects on your brain. It increases your verbal abilities, makes you more creative and empathetic, and gives you an excuse to be social.

The Strength of Numbers and Puzzles

As useful as math is, sitting down on a quiet evening and doing trigonometry doesn’t match most people’s idea of fun.

Thankfully you don’t need to do traditional arithmetic to reap the benefits of numbers. Fun number based games like Sudoku or cards inspire your brain to think in the same problem solving ways that advanced math does.

Crossword puzzles and word scrambles can also have a great degree of benefit as well. Spending a few minutes each day tinkering with numbers aids in the retention of reductive reasoning and problem solving.

Brain Games

There are a lot of websites on the internet which offers little games which can help you improve your brain on various levels such as memory, pattern recognition, speed, problem solving etc.

I’d suggest Lumosity, which is one of the most known website which offers daily games for various cognitive skills.  You can even compare yourself on it with the rest of your age group or the entire population!

Videogames Aren’t Just For Kids

Mass media has conditioned many people to assume that videogames are useless playthings for the immature and or out of touch.

Videogames actually make fabulous brain training devices as they require a good degree of focus and retention to be used properly. They are also usually covered in text which promotes reading, and can contain a social aspect which promotes social interactions and can help you bond with children.

There are even some games that require you to move to play them, which can actually get you some great exercise to boot!

Beware of Unmindful Choices

There’s also plenty of day-to-day choices that have a degenerative effect on our psychological wellbeing. Things that cause you stress, exhaustion, or depression are major no-gos. Non participatory activities like television are also generally bad for your brain. Some of these changes may be a major undertaking and require full-scale changes of your lifestyle, but you must remember that finances or laziness shouldn’t stop you from preserving your mental health. Read more about health in hindi health point

Skipping Breakfast

Scientists have been telling people that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” for decades. Still, many of us choose to ignore this warning and go 12 hours or more without having anything except coffee.

Not eating breakfast makes you sluggish and impairs the flow of nutrients to the brain. Even worse, when you do finally have food you’re more likely to binge eat which causes your blood glucose levels to swing wildly out of control. Even if you aren’t hungry in the mornings, something simple like a small yogurt or a few pieces of bread and fruit can make the difference.


Many people that take their health for granted end up working themselves sickly pursuing status. As wonderful as clout is, it’s not worth an early grave. Working around the clock eats away at your brain and predisposes you towards dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The stress caused by overworking causes all manner of problems such as heart failure, mood swings, and strokes. Working towards a lifelong goal and dying before you can enjoy it is tragic. Put your priorities in order so this doesn’t happen to you.

Under Resting

Not allowing someone to sleep is actually a very lethal and painful method of torture. So why do many working adults subject themselves to this willingly? Sleep deprivation depresses every aspect of your health. You can liken it to being slightly intoxicated at all times. Random mood swings, joint pain, headaches, obesity, impaired judgment, lack of focus, and even erectile dysfunction can all be linked back to lack of sleep.

You should be getting 7-10 hours of sleep each night on a relatively consistent schedule, which means avoid the graveyard shift at all costs.

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