How To Monetize Your Trawell Blog Using The Brave Browser
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How To Monetize Your Trawell Blog Using The Brave Browser

29 views • Sep 23rd, 2020

Well, every blogger aims to eventually get to the business with their content. While it is not unusual especially for the beginners to wait for their content to monetize, in the world of blogging, we all know it takes time.

But times are changing for the good. And the digital revolution constantly endeavors to remove the entry barriers for all content creators. Today’s post speaks about how you can use Brave Browser to start monetizing your blog right from the first day itself. So buckle up and read the post right till the end to find out how.

What is Brave Browser?

I started using the Brave Browser almost an year ago and I was specially attracted to its Browsing Security Features. But before I delve into that, let me share few snippets about what it actually is.

So, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. The Brave Browser emerged out of necessity – Prevention of surveillance capitalism.

We all are aware how GDPR policies were reviewed world over after Facebook Owner Mark Zuckerberg was cornered with criticism for misusing User data.

But Facebook was never the first company to do so. The ones that missed out the loopholes were the massive airline companies serving their customers with ‘price discrimination’.. The things went to the extent where the flight search engine would mandate a user to create signup details from which most of his personal information was easy to mark.

The credit and debit card transactions would do the rest of the job. For example, next time when you consider an air travel, try asking your fellow passenger on the next seat to identify how much (s)he paid for the same flight and the same seat category. You will be amazed how the difference works.

So, from your personal information such as your travel source, regular destinations, credit card and debit card transactions, it was easier to find out how much is a travelers ‘capacity to pay’ and then price him accordingly for their next trip.

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