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27 views • Oct 16th, 2020

Finally you’ve launched your blog! Congratulations

You probably have published your first blog post/article to the world, and now you must be waiting for visitors to visit your site and read your content. A great going! 

But how will people know about your blog?

One thing you must aware of after publishing your first blog post that, a search engine like Google will not send you traffic initially to your expectation, hence you’ve to promote your blog to different platforms to get maximum exposure to drive traffic to your site.

As you know in the blogging word traffic means money. If you want to make money from blogging you need to know how to drive traffic to your blog/website.


Honestly speaking there are many ways you can promote your blog to get better exposure, but the trick is to pick one or two methods initially at a time and focus on them fully.

So, let’s get started and look at some of the techniques you exactly can use to promote your blog.

Before we jump into the promotional part of a blog, let’s check a few important things.

So, first thing first.

You must make your foundation strong before you go for the blog promotion.

Hosting Matters!

Your web-hosting matters a lot in order to handle traffic. Usually any good shared hosting can handle between 8-12k traffic in a day. Therefore choose a reliable and fast web- hosting for your blog.

You can go for:

Bluehost Web-Hosting (A very reliable, affordable and fast web-hosting with excellent features for beginner's).

WPXHosting (Most affordable web-hosting).

HostGator (A reliable, fast and all-in-one web-hosting)

Design Matters!

You must ensure that you choose a perfect WordPress Theme to give a compelling look to your blog. Remember people like to spend time in a nice place. 

Other than looks you must also ensure that your blog’s design is technically up-to-date and SEO friendly.

Designing your blog won’t cost you so much! There are many free & premium WP themes available to design your blog. 

Choose wisely:

ASTRA THEME ( A fast WP theme)

ELEGANT THEME (A SEO optimized theme)



Check it out- How to install the right WordPress theme for your blog.

Once you are done with hosting and designing your blog, now is the time to see how you can promote your blog to different platforms.


HTTPS as ranking signal

In order to make your blog visible in Google search you need to pay attention to certain aspects.

These are:

On-Site SEO 

On- Page SEO

On-Site SEO: This is the technical part of SEO and this part helps you to make your site discoverable in Google search. Ensure the following technical aspects:

➤ Submit your site to Google Search Console (A free tool from google)

➤ Create a sitemap of your WP blog and submit it to Google Search Console.

With these two steps you can immediately make your blog’s content discoverable in Google search.

In order to create a sitemap of your blog you can use XML sitemap generator (a free tool) or you can install YoastSEO free plugin on your WP site.

On-Page SEO: This is a very important part of SEO and this part tells everything about your content. 

Things to do:

➤ Do keyword research before writing your content.

➤ Placement of keywords for proper indexing.

➤ Create quality content.

➤ Use an eye-catching headline.

➤ Image optimization.


HTTPS as ranking signal

We all have to agree that Facebook is the most well known and largest social networking site in the world now. The beauty of Facebook is that you get instant referral traffic by promoting your blog post on it. I’ve personally witnessed this many times.Therefore we must consider Facebook as a great platform to promote our blog.

Set-up a Facebook fan-page and Facebook groups to effectively promote your blog and engage with your target audiences in real-time.


HTTPS as ranking signal

Do you know, you can republish your blog post on a platform like Linkedln and This is another method by which you can promote your blog and can drive quality traffic to your blog. This particular technique also helps SEO. 

4. Use Twitter To Promote

HTTPS as ranking signal

Twitter is a great place to share your blog posts and drive a significant amount of traffic to your blog by retweeting your post with some trending hashtag. 

Do you know there are 330 million monthly active users on Twitter? But simply tweeting the link of your site is not enough, you need to promote your blog post the right way to drive more traffic from Twitter.

Use Social Bookmarking sites To Promote Your Blog.

Social bookmarking sites are becoming more popular nowadays and they are a great place to promote your blog.

If your posts become popular on bookmarking sites you can drive significant numbers of traffic in a short possible time.

Social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Priterest,Flipboard,Quora,Digg,,Stumble upon are very popular sites where you can post a link to your blog. 

You must check the rules and guidelines of each site before posting your link.

5. Guest Blogging/Posting

HTTPS as ranking signal

Guest blogging or posting is the act of writing blog posts for other websites/blogs. This is a well known SEO technique to build backlinks for your site.

I do recommend Harsh Agarwal’s guide to backlink .

Generally bloggers used to do guest blogging for similar niche to drive targeted traffic and to build quality backlinks to enhance their SEO ranking.

There are many benefits one can get out of guest blogging/posting to other sites. 

➤ It helps to develop authority in your niche.

➤ It helps to develop healthy relationships with your co-bloggers.

➤ It helps to boost your domain authority by linking with high authority domains.

➤ You get a promotional boost of your blog when your guest bloggers share your blog post with their personal networks.

6. Comments On Blog Post

HTTPS s ranking signal

Like other promotional techniques, commenting on blog posts in a similar niche is one of the smartest ways to promote your blog. 

But you need to be very careful while writing the comments otherwise you’ll simply dilute your brand image and will be considered as spammer.

Whenever you’re commenting on others’ blog posts make sure that you add value via your comments and it’s not always about to build backlinks.

Use to create a profile image, because people consider a comment from an unknown person without a profile image as spam comment and they don’t approve the same. Even I do the same.

Read the article to know more about blog commenting.

7. Join Forums/Discussion Boards

HTTPS as ranking signal

You can join bloggers forum and discussion boards to drive quality traffic to your site. You may not get huge traffic but you can definitely drive quality traffic. 

Sometimes quality is way better than quantity. But you must know a few important things in order to drive traffic using forums and discussion boards.

Tips to use forums 

➤ Find popular and active forums similar to your niche.

➤ Create a clean and visible profile that helps to build trust and authority.

➤ Use a professional signature on your every post to lure traffic.

➤ Reply to old threads using your best post with relevance to the question.

➤ In order to make yourself visible in the forums you need to start new threads and that helps you to get more traffic.

➤ Be positive even if you receive negative and discouraging comments on your efforts. Pay more attention on the positive part of the forums and keep on giving your best effort.

8.Start YouTube Channel

HTTPS as ranking signal

Launch a YouTube channel and publish high quality tutorial and educational videos of your niche ,link your blog with it and you’ll be able to drive tons of traffic to your site.

These days people mostly prefer instructional videos to resolve their problems from how to make a good coffee to how to create a website.

If you can effectively use YouTube channels with relevant videos you can drive a significant amount of traffic to your blog in no time.

9.Offer Free E-Book

This is a very useful strategy of promoting your blog and driving traffic to your. You can create an informative eBook on your niche and promote the same on social media as an incentive to your target audience who sign up on your email list. 

It can become a massive tool to drive traffic to your blog if your readers get value from your eBook.

10.Build An Email List

HTTPS as ranking signal

If you want to promote your blog through email then you need to create an email list of your readers and subscribers and to do so you have to create a sign-up widget on your blog for a newsletter. With this process you can connect with your readers and can update them about your latest blog post. This particular promotional strategy can help you to drive significant numbers of quality traffic to your blog. You can use tools like GetResponse or Mailchimp .

Offline Blog Promotion Methods

You also can promote your blog offline through these following methods:

1.Business Card: You can promote your blog offline by passing your business card in a conference. Get your business card print from VISTAPRINT.

2. Promote your blog on Newspaper, TV Channel and Magazines.

Final Thought: How to promote your blog

There are countless number of ways by which you can promote your blog and can drive traffic. I’ve tried to explain a few best proven ways to promote your blog.

Best strategy is to focus on two to three promotional strategies at a time and check which one works better for you and then go with another one.

I will keep updating my post with new blog promotional methods time-to time.

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