How to record your computer screen

How to record your computer screen

1) mac OS

Mac comes with its own screen recording feature for macOS Mojave and above. Open the app or window you want to capture and press Shift + Command + 5 to open the system screen capture tool. You can use the toolbar at the bottom to record the entire screen, just the selected window, or a custom part of the screen. For video, options include recording the entire screen or custom parts.

2) Windows

(I) The game bar built into Windows is designed to record games that you play directly on your PC or stream from your Xbox console. However, you can capture screen activity from other applications just as easily. To set this, go to Settings> Games> Xbox Game Bar and toggle the Enable Xbox Game Bar switch.

3) Linux

Free OBS Studio runs on Windows, macOS and Linux and has many features in one program. Use the program’s floating control panel to start and stop recording. On the go, OBS Studio can record screen activity, microphones, and computer audio. The program then saves the output as a video file.

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