How to Stay Fit and Healthy at Home 2020
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How to Stay Fit and Healthy at Home 2020

29 views • Oct 06th, 2020

Most of the people are spending more time at home thanks to social distancing and lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic. That means we can’t go gyms and health clubs to stay fit and healthy like we usually would, but what impact will it have on health and mental wellbeing?

Staying Healthy and maintaining our fitness level plays an important role in our life. Many people neglect their health because of the hectic daily schedules but now we are in a lockdown period most of us doing work from home jobs, so look at the following ways suggested in this article.

1.Physical activity is key

It’s no secret that ample physical activity is good for our health and fitness.

Research shows that physical activity also helps us to keep our immune system work effectively and being physically active helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol and can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetics. It also promotes the release of feel-good hormones, like endorphins.

Today many people workouts in a gym or go for a run in a local park, so being forced to spend a longer time at home is going to pose a challenge for us to remain active. So What can we do to ensure that we make the most of this situation and keep ourselves to stay fit and healthy?

  1. Walking, Running and Cycling is a great way to stay physically active. But just be ensure to keep a six feet distance away from the other people. Try walking briskly around the house or up and down the stairs. ( avoid using lifts and elevators) And trying to walk around when you’ re on the mobile phone, rather than just sitting down.
  2. Skipping – since we are in a quarantine period and can not step out of the house, we need to find a way to exercising indoors, all you need is a skipping rope. Skipping is a fun, high-intensity interval training workout that is free and effective and it also helpful for cardiovascular health.
  3. Yoga should be a part of everyone’s life as it can change our lifestyle and health. Yoga is a combination of physical activity and mental calmness. Physical fitness can be increased through yoga such as our muscles can be toned and flexibility of our joints improved and even we may feel more energy and even stamina.

Even you can do dancing and cleaning of your home and car to remain active and fit

2.Eat Healthy food

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, many of us do end up overindulging in junk food. That’s where mindful eating can help.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is an important part of maintaining and good health and can help you feel your best. The key to maintaining a balanced diet is to eat the right amount of calories so you can balance the energy you consume with the energy you use.

  1. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink immune booster drinks
  2. Avoid eating junk foods
  3. Add high fiber or wholegrain varieties in your diet such as wholewheat pasta, brown rice, or potatoes with skin.
  4. Cut down saturated fat intakes such as hard cheese, fatty cut of meat, cream and cakes instead choose unsaturated fats such as vegetable oils, oily fish, and avocados.
  5. Cut down daily sugar intakes instead use natural sugar found in honey, jaggery, and fruits.

3.Get enough sleep

A lack of enough quality sleep can negatively affect both physical and mental health as well as reduce our immune system to fight against infections and viruses. In general, adults should aim to get sleep at least 7-8 hours of good quality of sleep each night.

Here are some tips to get quality sleep.

  1. Disconnect from electronics like mobile phones before going to sleep. ( ensure to put your phone on airplane mode if you have a habit of keeping a phone near your bed or on a bed )
  2. Set a regular bedtime schedule.
  3. De-caffeinate yourself . ( avoid caffeine before bedtime)
  4. Do exercise regularly as I said earlier it can change our lifestyle and help us to stay fit and healthy.
  5. Try relaxation methods like meditation and by taking a hot bath before bedtime.

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