How to stay positive in your difficult times
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How to stay positive in your difficult times

28 views • Sep 30th, 2020

Before I go further, I should define the actual meaning of Positivity. In simple words, Positivity is a source of strength. It is the proper attitude in our difficult situations. It’s an experience of delightful emotions like Love, Gratitude, Pride, inspiration, Hope. So let’s Start How to stay positive during a difficult time.

A Positive person not only gives mental peace but also gives a reason in life. Being positive is the healthiest state of our mind. It is easy to be positive and happy. We just have to learn that life is all about ups and downs.


All things in life can’t be good. All days are not the same And we have to accept that We have to face the downside and defeat it.

First of all, we need to know that Where does negativity comes from? You must be thinking that how can we be positive now when everything is going bad with us?

Negativity is just a state of mind. If we are constantly watching TV listing radio or Listen to negative news and thoughts so that negative energy attracts us too if there is nothing bad with us still By our overthinking negativity surrounds us.

Let’s find the way- how to deal with negative and worst situations no matter what!

See guys it’s OK to feel the things. feelings are so important in our life feelings made us human beings if we have no feelings we are like robots so just feel the thing if you are depressed or sad or angry it’s ok to feel you just feel it first.

Let’s understand positivity :

You see today as an opportunity to feel very positive emotion and give back positivity to anyone that you meet. Today is yet another opportunity to better your life. do everything with deliberate and positive action, you are your own destiny. everything felt by you, from your emotions and mood, can be controlled better with awareness.

Synonyms of Positivity :-

• Favourableness
• Profitableness
• Commendatory
• Approving
• Praiseful
• Approbatory
• Advantageoysness

In this life, everyone has to face an adverse situation in their life. This situation made us strong. It teaches us how to survive our life with adverse circumstances.

Ok so after you feel this we have to be normal again and Remove negativity.
Here are the solutions-

1. Be grateful for what you have

Everything in this universe has the opposite side. Ignorance, knowledge. That’s the way it works. Up, down. Hot, cold. Positive, negative. How do you stay positive? Well, first of all, I think we wanna understand that staying positive is staying in a vibration that’s gonna cause us to feel good, to do better, and to keep growing frequently.

Be grateful for what you have

Just read this quote and think once you really don’t aware that what you have, You have a lot of things that not everyone has Read more at That Grateful Soul