How to travel without money – “You do not need to be rich to travel.”

How to travel without money – “You do not need to be rich to travel.”

How to travel without money “You do not need to be rich to travel.”

The experiences of traveling without money are more memorable experiences than other ones, as you have more problems, more solutions, more of funnier incidents, more experiences to deal in such a situation. A lot of people could not travel because of lack of money. But you do not need much money to travel. Here are some exciting hacks to travel in a small budget or for free –

  • You may have a long walk or one can also travel by bicycle. This is inexpensive as well as more adventurous. You’ll get to see the views more beautifully, you may meet different people in the way. Cycling can be a really good option in such a case. This will be safe, money-saving as well as providing you with lots of fun. It will also keep you close to nature. More the fun and troubles more will be the memories.
  • Have your perfect backpack. Pack your bag completely so that nothing necessary is left and you won’t have to buy something. Have all your clothes, according to the weather. If cold carry jackets, for rainy weather, carry raincoats etc. You must have everything needed on the trip so that you won’t have to suffer at the very moment. The most basic thing is the water bottle, always carry a water bottle along with you. Carry a lighter, knife for security purpose if you are traveling to hilly areas or forests. Also carry a sleeping bag and a tent for emergency, if you don’t get a proper place to stay.
  • For staying, one can stay in hostels. There are some hostels that provide accommodation for free. The other option may be to book a hotel from an online site in offseason. At that time, there are many offers going on. So one can book a room at a very cheap rate. The best option would be to carry a sleeping bag and a tent from your home itself and stay outside in the laps of nature. The sound of wind or trees, the cool natural breeze, the sound of flowing water will provide peace and satisfaction which no hotel rooms could give.
  • Some museums or some of the famous tourist’s places have special discounts or free entries at a particular time. So one can keep a track over them and look for the free or discounted days. You have to stay updated for that. Before leaving for the destination, one must definitely check over the websites for details of such offers.
  • One important thing to be kept in mind is that if you are planning a cycling trip or a walking trip, keep in mind too, ‘pack light’, very light. The weight will hold you back and only keep things that you’ll surely need. Think practically and essentially.

The major and most important thing one requires for his/her survival is air, water, food, health, and shelter. You won’t need anything else other than these basics for survival.

  • Air is free and we can get everywhere around us. Its available for everyone.
  • Water is essential for life and drinking bad water can be unsafe for health.
  • You can also ask people around for water. If, in some case, you aren’t able to get proper drinking water then boil the water before drinking, it will kill the harmful bacteria present in it.
  • Food is also one of the essential items. A human can live at most for a week without food but that won’t be good for health. If traveling in a rural area, one can easily get fruits and vegetables. For sustenance, instant noodles, chips, chocolate bars etc can help through the journey.
  • Some other necessities maybe charging points for mobile phones or wifi. You can find empty sockets in shopping malls or at people’s houses that you meet along the way. Free Wi-Fi is available all over the world so in case, you need an internet connection, you can use the free Wi-Fi available in that area.
  • Always wherever you are, just forget all worries and experience the world. Wherever you go, try everything. You cannot know if you like something until you have tried it. Meet new beautiful people around you and have a friendly attitude towards other people as in such a situation of traveling free, new connections may help a lot. New people you meet, can help you with staying thing or can offer a lift till your destination. So have a positive attitude towards them.

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