How to View Instagram Private Accounts in 2022- 15 Best Tools

How to View Instagram Private Accounts in 2022- 15 Best Tools

Instagram is a popular place to upload and share photographs with others in your network. From family pictures to vacation photos, share anything on the social site to update followers with your latest snaps and collect their feedback as you go.

Create beautiful Instagram stories or tag your family members, friends, colleagues, etc. to get maximum exposure to them. The image-sharing app lets users showcase their photographic talents and find new opportunities easily. But on the other hand, public or regular Instagram accounts may create headaches for some profile owners. Do you know how?

Some people have a tendency to spy on others’ life and activities. That’s why many social media users make their accounts private. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, people can create private accounts on Instagram also. A private Instagram account will hide all its photos and videos from the non-followers.

It will be just like this,

Instagram private accounts

They can view a private account holder’s profile picture and biography. Nothing else. No photos. No videos. What will do if you are curious to view a private Instagram account of anyone?

How to View a Private Instagram Account (No Survey)

Today, we’ll share 17 different ways to view Instagram private account photos and videos without attending any surveys.

1. Send a follow request

This is the first and legitimate way to spy on an Instagram private account. Send a follow request to the owner. Click the follow button to notify him/her about your interest to build a connection.

Instagram private accounts

Once your request is sent, the Follow button will turn to Requested mode. Wait for the profile owner’s decision. If it is a positive response, you can view their Instagram photos and videos as usual. Otherwise, go to the next step.

2. Create a fake Instagram profile

What will do if the owner is not accepting your follow request that is sent from your original Instagram profile? Probably, he/she is not interested in your mutual connection and share posts with you thereafter. So you can create a fake Instagram profile to disguise as someone else and trick the private Instagram holder.

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