Iced Apple Chai
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Iced Apple Chai

74 views • Sep 09th, 2020

A fellow blogger and adorable friend recently shared a beautiful post on her Instagram feed. The sentiments she expressed in the post echoed my thoughts, many of you might also agree with me… Posts like this one by Kamini Patel of the Kitchen Therapy, the various positive videos and memes on social media platforms are like energy shots on dreary days.
There are also some wicked friends who’ve kept spirits high with their unswerving dedication to sharing food photographs – for instance… Hriday Bhatia of The Chef From India who diligently sends me lush food photographs before they make it to his Instagram feed! Proof below…
And the girlfriends who send me borderline stalker-ish videos of the guy-next-door working out (Friends anyone?!)
Also the people who’ve tagged me in challenges on Facebook. I am a wee bit embarrassed that I’ve yet to respond to any of these challenges – let’s put the blame on expending energy on stressing and being distracted.
Amid all this, however, is the negativity and judgement seething into lives, also through messages and conversations on phone or video calls. I’ve lost count of the number of times my friends and sisters have mentioned feeling at a loss, feeling inefficient and lacking because of a careless (or perhaps not so careless) remark by an acquaintance about how they (or their children) are “just not doing it right” if every minute of the day is not being utilised.
Is it so easy to forget that each one of us has different responsibilities, some more than the others, and every individual’s way of getting through a day while fulfilling these responsibilities is different?
I find myself getting more than a little angry at the peer pressure of ‘utilising quarantine time diligently’. The insistence that each one of us has to come out of this period of lockdown... CONTINUE READING

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