Importance of Anger Management and control
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Importance of Anger Management and control

46 views • Oct 11th, 2020

“Try to manage and control your anger since people can’t manage their stupidity”

What is Anger Management and control ?

Before starting with today’s topic I would like to describe what is anger management and control. The goal is not to never feel angry. The goal is to understand your anger and to choose healthy ways to respond to it. This is where the anger management and control comes into the picture. Anger Management is the process of learning and recognizing the signs that tells you are becoming angry and taking action to calm down and control to deal with the situation in a productive way. Anger is a normal emotion. But the way you need to express should be a healthy and appropriate. Anger Management and control tell you how to do this. As described by The Mayo Clinic.

My journey towards Anger management and control

We humans are a mixture of multiple emotions. Happiness, sadness, fear, joy, disgust, surprise, trust, anger and so on. It is said if you want to be a successful person you should be the one who is in charge of your emotions. They shouldn’t be the one controlling you. However, living in this world where dejection, stress, anxiety, failures are so common it’s very difficult to have a control on our emotions. Excess of everything is bad, even emotions. You might have read my earlier blogs where I have been trying to explain the harms of excess of every emotion. Similarly, today I’ll be talking about one such powerful emotion known as “Anger” which not only has the power to destroy everything around us but also us.

“Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” Ambrose Bierce

So, I welcome you all to our Good Vibes Blog. Where we all are working to win your love and trust by tackling issues and making efforts to resolve them for you or at least make them bearable.

What is Anger?

Wrath, fury, rage whatever you like to call it. This is a powerful emotion and unfortunately, it’s often an unhelpful one.

I myself am a short-tempered person. It’s very easy for anyone to make me move from my happy state to a grumpy, agitated state. After having ruined many relationships because

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