Important 2021 Trends in PR That You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Important 2021 Trends in PR That You Can’t Afford to Ignore

The realm of PR has extended way beyond its traditional form. It is no longer restricted to press releases, reputation management, etc. The current scenario has further accelerated this transformation. The optimal utilization of the digital medium is critical to ensure the success of PR and marketing. The covid-19 pandemic propelled a paradigm shift in PR strategies. It is wise to understand the present market situation and shape an effective PR recipe for the coming year to make most of the opportunities this shift offers.  

Key PR trends for 2021

Think one step ahead

The internet remembers it all, and we know that more than ever. No doubt that it is a place that connects people, but it can be brutal and unforgiving at times. This year we saw that well. Past tweets, press releases were dug up and got some pretty big names in awkward situations. It is a pressing requirement for PR professionals to keep a pulse on what is trending. Keeping a firm grip on what goes out on behalf of your brand is essential. After all, you don't want your organization to be involved in any controversy that can have its after-effects for the years to come.

Be socially sensitive

The internet in 2020 was dominated by discussions on social issues like mental health, discrimination, equality issues, etc. The audience is easily attracted to those who come across as socially conscious. Everyone is a lot more aware of social problems today, and they instantly connect with brands and faces that stand for social values. While it may seem tricky at times, it is a great way to market yourself.

Virtual events

The foreseeable future will see a rise in virtual events and live videos owing to concerns of health and safety. Webinars, podcasts, real-time chats, etc., will play a crucial role in ensuring the growth and visibility of brands in the hybrid present. 

Influencer marketing

The pandemic has shot up the power of influencers on social media. The number of people using social media influencers for product recommendations, reviews, etc., is increasing every day. A recent study claims that 82% of viewers have "either purchased, researched, or considered purchasing a product or service after seeing friends, family, or influencers post about it."

Real-Time Marketing

Real-Time Marketing/reporting in PR is still relevant. PR professionals need to be well-informed about various situations that the world community is undergoing presently. They should be soundly equipped to react right to issues that may offer greater brand visibility. But of course, professionals should do a careful study of the issue at hand before putting out their opinion. However, they should do it quickly because it is crucial to seize the moment in PR.

Video Content

It is a proven fact that displaying content through a video creates a better understanding and helps build a recall for your brand. As the volume of internet users increases drastically, videos gain even more significance. They are perfect for crisp and straightforward content that locks the attention of the on-the-go viewers.

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