Important Benefits of Antimicrobial additives in Plastic Products

Important Benefits of Antimicrobial additives in Plastic Products

Antimicrobial products have become a game changer. These products have been adopted well since their inception. They will continue to enjoy immense applications across various industries. Antimicrobial compounds intend to benefit us in different aspects of our day-to-day life.

Here, we will explore the significance of Antimicrobial Products in plastics and how they are making a substantial difference in plastic manufacturing.

What is an antimicrobial compound in Plastic?

An Antimicrobial compound is an active ingredient that inhibits microbial growth. Also known as anti-microbial additives, they protect the polymer surface from microbes and create a sterile environment. They have the ability to protect against a range of micro-organisms including algae, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.

Also called antibacterial, they also protect micro-animals such as dust mites. They work by stopping the cell functions of microorganisms like protein synthesis, cell membrane functions, nucleic acid synthesis, etc.

How does it work?

When the antimicrobial additive is added to the plastic, it ensures that the end plastic product is safeguarded from harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. When the microbes come into contact with the safeguarded surface, they cease to grow, produce energy, or multiply. In a nutshell, they get killed.

What are the advantages of antimicrobial additives?

Here are the benefits:

• The polymers like Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) or Polystyrene (PS) etc. use the same in the manufacture of toys to car parts.

• Its protection against germs is most needed in vulnerable and vital industries such as healthcare. All medical devices require the use of antimicrobial plastics. It is playing a key role in stopping the growth of hospital-associated infections in the world. Even telecom devices have a risk of contamination.

• The antimicrobial additives also augment the functional lifetime of plastic products. Since bacteria shorten the life of the plastic by degrading the same gradually, the use of antimicrobial compounds can prevent and reduce this. It makes the product more durable and of better quality. Longer life of the product means happier customers and more revenue growth in the business.

• Often, plastic products become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, when stored under unhygienic conditions. This poses a health risk to the people. For example, reusable grocery bags or used plates can carry bacteria such as E.coli. When you use antimicrobial compounds, the health risks can be significantly reduced and better hygiene standards can be created.

• Plastic waste has become a serious issue. The antimicrobial additives in reusable plastic cups can combat this problem.

• When plastics are not disposed of well, the bacteria develop and cause stains as well as bad odors. The antimicrobial additive eliminates the unpleasant odor.

The discovery of antimicrobial polymers has solved many problems. Its transformational use can improve the sanitation level in society. If you are looking for an antimicrobial manufacturer, then IPNR Endura Germguard Powder is the best choice.

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