Improve Your Memory
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Improve Your Memory

28 views • Sep 15th, 2020

How to improve your memory so quickly that it not only helps in your professional work but also make your personal life better.

Many people, especially students, worry about their memory. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to learn the concepts for a long time.

Sometimes it is because of a lot of confusion, anxiety, anger or lack of presence of mind or concentration

So to improve memory some actions take some actions to make things more clear and effective.

Following are some suggested ways to answer how to improve your memory:

  • Meditation- Meditation is one of the best ways to improve memory. As it increases concentration, improves the presence of mind and quality of the brain.
  • Take good diet- Diet plays a very important role in good memory. As whatever food we consume the nutrients of it gets absorbed in mind as well. Almonds, Walnut, fish, and other protein diets help to improve memory as it provides an essential supplement and energy to the brain for its effective functioning.
  • Drink more water - As we all know our body is up to 70% of water so is our brain. If we maintain hydration in our body then our brain gets its fuel to work in a proper way, which improves memory.
  • Good sleep: It's very important to have a good amount of sleep every day to improve memory. Take at least 7-8 hours of sleep to rejuvenate your brain cells. As when we have good sound sleep then our brain gets proper rest time. And the mind feels more fresh and active which improves memory.
  • Avoid alcohol - Avoid alcohol as much as you can because it releases toxins in the body which harm the proper functioning of our brain. So take a break from alcohol and such toxic supplements.

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