iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Review | iRestore device BEFORE & AFTER

Here is the rundown of my story with hair loss and using the iRestore Professional to regrow my lost hair: For the last 12 months I have been wearing my iRestore Professional LLLT (low-level light therapy) helmet every other day for 25 minutes to see if I could regrow some of my lost hair. You see 12 months ago my hair was falling out so rapidly it was only a matter of time before my hair was gone and being bald was my only option. This was the point I decided to try iRestore to see if I could salvage what hair I had left. The iRestore Helmet works by directing 282 lasers and LEDS to your scalp, these laser and LEDs increase blood flow to the scalp and help stimulate stem cells to repair your hair follicles.

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