#Issue1 – Catching up…
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#Issue1 – Catching up…

36 views • Sep 21st, 2020

I want to, but I can’t write off 2020 yet. After all, August was the month when I found myself hobbling back to reading for fun and giving the concept of ‘binge watching’ another shot! This is something I may have mentioned before and perhaps will repeat in the near future. Because you’ll be the one taken for a ride when I’m delighted with something I’ve read/watched and want to write about!
In the past month (and a little before), I’ve been using Asian dramas and romance novels to escape the sameness and stress of these pandemic times. There’s something extremely endearing, familiar and fascinatingly different about Asian dramas. Korean dramas, Chinese soaps and Japanese series, each hold an allure for different reasons. Listing the allure is an activity for another day… but until then, there are a few recommendations to be shared today.
I blitzed through a fair share of dramas this past month (is 5 a lot?), ranging from the Japanese manga-based mini-series Million Yen Women and Coffee & Vanilla, to the more robust and fast-paced The Umbrella Academy (I’m yet to finish that!) and the Korean drama It’s Okay Not To Be Okay. I watched the very famous Descendants of the Sun again, this time on a TV screen and the experience was a different level altogether!
Three dramas make it to my list of ‘must watch Asian dramas’ – the Korean When the Camellia Blooms, Cinderella and Her Four Knights and the Japanese long-running series Midnight Diner. A trio if heart-warming series covering different genres, these three would be my top pick for recommended viewing if you are in the mood for something different.

Why FTCT Catching up on…

FTCT stands for From The Corner Table (and my favourite place to sit at and watch the world go by). As for ‘catches up with’, well, in the bustle of life there are lot many books I never read, series I didn’t watch and movies I’ve missed out now. ‘Catches up with’ is the resolve to make my way through these misses. Sounds logical?

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