#Issue2 – Catching up with…
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#Issue2 – Catching up with…

27 views • Sep 21st, 2020

I’ve apparently been watching a lot of drama involving the medical fraternity. Descendants of the Sun, Doctor John, Hospital Playlist, It’s Okay Not To Be Okay – four of the dramas I watched recently revolve around doctors, psychiatrists and men in the military. And the one thing that all these dramas had in common – other than the above mentioned – had emotional triggers.
What are the emotional triggers? To put it simply, an emotional trigger is a topic that makes you uncomfortable, that reminds you of aspects in life that frustrate, disappoint or are associated with uncomfortable memories. And one of the most horrifying memories that were revived was of a case shown in Doctor John where after a long struggle, the patient was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, a condition that my father was diagnosed with a few years ago. I could only send out prayers of gratitude that my father did not suffer as much as the patient in the series did and is living life as heartily as a senior citizen could in these times.
Medical dramas tend to do this, don’t they? Throw up a reminder of something unnerving that may have happened in life, forcing you to stop, think and also express gratitude for the health one enjoys.
Morbid thoughts put aside, the second issue of ‘Catching up with…’ has the review of a drama I would recommend you watch if a break from thrillers and mushy romances is the need of the hour. You can read the reviews of Doctor John and It’s Okay Not To Be Okay on my Instagram stories – click here for the link.
Catching Up With…
In the bustle of life there are lot many books I never read, series I didn’t watch and movies I’ve missed out now. ‘Catching up with’ is the resolve to make my way through these misses. Sounds logical?

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