Know the actual cost of medical marijuana in Arkansas

Know the actual cost of medical marijuana in Arkansas

The dried part of cannabis plants is used to make weed, which is also known as medical marijuana and medical cannabis. People have been using medical marijuana to treat chronic and acute diseases for centuries.

Medical marijuana in Arkansas is legal and can only be purchased by you if you have it prescribed by a licensed doctor. Once your doctor prescribed it you can get it from a licensed dispensary. These dispensaries are also offering home delivery services because of the pandemic of the coronavirus.

The blog will help you guide about medical marijuana in Arkansas and the cost of medical marijuana in Arkansas.

How to get medical marijuana in Arkansas:

Make an appointment:

If you think that you have a condition that can only be treated by medical marijuana then your first step is to make an appointment.

To make an appointment you need to fill out a simple form. The form will ask you about your first and last name, phone number, and email address.

On the day of your appointment, the doctor will check you up and take your medical history, and family medical history and decide whether you are eligible for medical marijuana or not.

Create your account:

Create your account on the website of ADH (Arkansas department of health). Register here as a new patient. You will need your patient identification pin here. The PIN will be provided to you by your doctor.

Fill out the application to register online:

Fill out an application and register your medical certification online. The application fee is $50. Following documents will be needed while submitting your application

· Your SS number.

· State ID picture as proof of residency in the state.

· Picture of doctor certification for medical marijuana.

Get your medical marijuana card:

The processing of your application will take some 1-2 weeks. Once you get your card, you can shop medical cannabis from any licensed dispensary or make home delivery.

Medical marijuana is present in different forms like flowers, pre-rolls, Concentrated Vape cartridges, Tinctures, drinks, and other edible forms.

The cost of medical marijuana in Arkansas.

The application cost for applying is $50. The fees are non-refundable. The doctor fees can vary from $120 to $260. They can also charge a follow-up fee of $100.

The card is valid for one year after that you have to pay $50 to renew your card.

Note: you have to renew your card 30 days before its expiration date.

For under 18: the caregiver has to pay $37. This is the fee for a background check. However, this fee is waived if you are the legal guardian or parent of the under 18 years old.


Medical marijuana is used to treat serious and chronic diseases. It is legal in Arkansas and can be bought by you if you have medical certification from a doctor. The cost of medical marijuanas in Arkansas is about $50 for application. Doctors may charge up to $260. After one year $50 has to be paid for the card renewal.

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