Know the Legend- Sachin Tendulkar

Know the Legend- Sachin Tendulkar

On April 24, 1973, a novelist was celebrating the birth of his fourth child, but he had no idea that this child would go on to make history and become the "God Of Cricket." Sachin Tendulkar was the family's youngest child and thus the most spoiled one. His elder brother and current manager "Ajit Tendulkar" first noticed his talent shortly after he held the bat for the first time.
Early Cricket Career of Sachin Tendulkar
After teaching Sachin the fundamentals of cricket, Ajit took him to Mumbai's most renowned coach, "Ramakant Achrekar," who initially rejected him but later accepted him into his coaching programme after much pleading from his elder brother.
Sachin still refers to Achrekar sir as his Guru. Sachin initially desired to be a fast bowler rather than a batsman, but his coach advised him to focus on batting because he saw a brilliant batsman in Sachin.
Achrekar Sir had a unique approach to coaching Sachin. He used to keep a coin in the centre of the pitch and ask his best bowlers to bowl Sachin. Whoever was able to take Sachin's wicket received the coin, and if Sachin left the field not-out, he received the coin.
Sachin used to get a Vada-Pav (Indian Street Food) as a reward every time he did well in a Local-Match. Aside from his coach, Sachin had a unique way of practicing his game. He would dip the ball into the water and then request that the bowler bowl him.
Career in International Cricket
Sachin made his international cricket debut at the age of 16. Sachin was the team's youngest member. He scored 0 in his first match, and the selectors wanted to drop him, but he managed to stay in the playing 11, and from there, it was all downhill for him.
There are numerous stories about bowlers' reactions when they saw this 16-year-old kid playing for Team India; Waseem Akram once called Sachin a kid, which proved to be his worst mistake. Sachin earned the nickname "Little Master" due to his small stature but powerful punches.
Let me tell you another interesting story about this legendary cricketer: once, WaqarYounis' bouncer broke Sachin's nose, and the captain of team India asked Sachin to retire hurt, but Sachin replied with only two words, "Mai Kheleyga" (I'll play), and no matter how much the captain convinced him to retire hurt, he kept saying these words, and the captain, with no other option left, allowed him to bat.
Sachin finished the game with 57 runs. He accomplished so much in his career that mentioning everything in just one article would be an outright injustice, but we can discuss some of his most notable accomplishments.
Sachin Tendulkar holds many unbreakable records; he has 34,357 runs to his name, of which 15921 runs were created in Test Matches and 18426 runs were created in ODI's, and who can forget Sachin Tendulkar Centuries, he was the first and only player to hit 100 centuries in total, although this record could have been much higher if he had not succumbed to the nervous '90s.
Sachin was also the first player in ODI history to score 200 runs. Sachin also holds the record for the longest ODI career, and in the 1990s, he was known for his golden arm. Sachin also has a one-of-a-kind record to his name.

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