Sweat shirts are one of the most worn outfits today, sweat shirts give you a cool and cosy look. More women in India are wearing western outfits such as crops, hoodies and sweatshirts. Women in India are becoming bolder and influencing, before women in India mostly wore traditional outfits such as Kurtis and salwar kameez. But now women in India are becoming much more bold in fashion and open to try new outfits.

Sweatshirts are one of the outfits which is very popular among women, women round neck sweatshirts are very likely the most famous outfit. A round neck sweatshirt give women that cute and innocent look, as its loos sleeves roll down the skin of a women. Women round neck sweatshirts go well with girls too, many girls wear sweatshirts for a morning walk, outing with friends, and to the college.

Let’s discuss today some styles with which you can pair your sweatshirts with.

Sweatshirt with Jeans: sweat shirts are one of the most versatile fashion wear, you can pair your round neck sweat shirt with a pair of blue or black jeans and get ready for a outing with friends. So if you’re heading into the sunny day with an outing with your friends then pairing your sweat shirt with jeans and a pair of sunglasses can give you an edge over your bffs.

Sweat with skirts: Skirts are one of the most worn outfits by women, many Indian women wear skirts for outings and office use. Sweatshirts can be paired with a skirt for many occasions, it gives you an extra classy look. So if you’re thinking for something very unique to wear then you can pair your sweat shirts with skirts for an outing.

Sweatshirts with pants: Women who go to office or work in corporate, can wear sweat shirts with their pants below. This gives you a decent and simple look, it can also be very comfortable to wear sweat shirts with pants. So if you’re heading for a stressful working day, wear a sweatshirt with your pants so you’re comfortable and at ease while managing your work.

Sweatshirts and shorts: Many women in India are becoming open to western fashion, women now wear shorts for parties, occasions and college. Shorts highlight the thighs and gives women a bold look. So paring up your women round neck sweatshirt with a piece of shorts can give you a bold and confident look.

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