LIC savings policy - Earn Rs 36,000 every month by investing in this scheme, know how

LIC savings policy - Earn Rs 36,000 every month by investing in this scheme, know how

By purchasing a LIC insurance, you can get a sizable monthly profit.

LIC Jeevan Akshay Policy: If you desire a sizable retirement income, you might invest in this Life Insurance Corporation of India plan. You can thus earn about 36,000 rupees each month as a consequence. With this tactic, LIC offers its investors a chance to make money each month.

Jeevan Akshay Policy of LIC:

The LIC Jeevan Akshay Policy scheme has been restarted by LIC. With this policy, you may get lifetime benefits with only one payment. The Jeevan Akshay insurance is a personal, single-premium, non-linked, non-participating annuity plan, please be informed.

You must choose the Annuity Payable for Life at a Uniform Rate option in order to get the monthly payment of Rs 36,000 from this policy. Each month under this, a lump sum pension payment will be made to you. If you wish to join this plan and are 45 years old, you must pay a lump sum premium of Rs 71,26,000 if you select the sum assured option of Rs 70 lakh. After investing in it, you would get a monthly pension of Rs 36429. If the individual dies, the pension will be terminated.

People of this age group can benefit:

Anyone between the ages of 35 and 85 may enrol in this LIC plan. Furthermore, this approach may be advantageous to those with disabilities. You have 10 alternative ways to get a pension under this insurance.

Monthly pension to be received:

Considering you are 75 years of age. You will consequently have to make a one-time premium payment of Rs. 610800. There would be a sum-assured payout of Rs. 6 lakh on this. The quarterly pension would be Rs. 18,225, the annual pension would be Rs. 76,650, and the half-yearly pension would be Rs. 37-35,000. Additionally, the monthly pension will be worth 6,000 rupees. The Jeevan Akshay plan offers a 12000 rupee yearly

There will be a low-investment option available:

You may invest a little sum of money in this strategy, after which you will get a Rs. 12,000 yearly pension. If you have more money to invest, you can decide to go with another option. You may start earning money every month with simply a Rs. 1 lakh investment. You will earn Rs. 12000 a year on a Rs. 1 lakh investment. There is no upper restriction on the plan's maximum investment.

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