Is Masturbation Good or Bad for You?

Is Masturbation Good or Bad for You?

Don’t be ashamed of reading this article. Masturbating daily isn’t something one should feel bad about and should always make an open approach towards solving it. Even just 2 years back, it was one of my worst, if not the worst, addiction that I overcame. And today, I am going to openly explain and bust some common myths on masturbation and side effects of daily masturbation on the male body.

Despite the myths, there are no physical harms that might occur to your body because of masturbation. Still, it’s worth noting that excessive masturbation, especially if daily, can affect your relationships and sexual life. Other than that, there’s nothing to worry about this natural stimulation.

What is Masturbation? Does it effect negatively?

If we follow the dictionary of medical sciences, masturbation is the totally common, self-stimulation of genitals and is an exciting sexual way to reach your orgasm without your partner. Both among men and women, masturbation is common and an important part of growth in teens. Having said that, what’s also worth understanding that even there is nothing wrong about masturbation, it’s also totally fine not to masturbate regularly, or masturbate at all!

With varying degree of sexual desires across different men, some naturally has less and may want to abstain himself from masturbation for religious, social, or personal reasons. Always the best if you follow what suits you the most.


If I speak through the medical and healthcare perspective, masturbating isn’t harmful at all. Some people avoid any conversation on masturbation because of moral reasons, but that’s entirely personal. However, the answer to this question relies on how frequent you masturbate.

As long as regular masturbation doesn’t affect your physical and mental strength, overall energy levels, or doesn’t impact your social life or relationship, then masturbation if totally fine! Also worth noting that sexologists regard daily masturbation as excessive and can lead towards physical and mental weakness, genital fatigue, early ejaculation and may even inhibit proper sexual activities with your partner.


According to leading sexologists, people who masturbate more than 21 times every month may face the apparent side effects of masturbation and can result in delayed performance and reduced desire for the real one. One recent research published on Taylor & Francis Online, The Journal of Sex Research states that the need of masturbation in men is more than women and it’s also scientifically proven that men feel more relaxed and stress-free than women after ejaculation. But does that mean regular ejaculation is healthy for men? No! Therefore, it’s important for us to take an in-depth analysis of why excessive ejaculation may lead to weakness, low desires and genital fatigue in men.

  • Low Sperm Count: This side effect is indeed mythical, but often ignores how daily masturbation affect sperm count. According to Dr. Chirag Bhandari, India’s leading sexologist, masturbation is healthy, if and only if it’s done for limited times every month. When men are in an excessive addiction of doing it, their body’s capacity to naturally generate testosterone gets affected and may lead to the possible reason for low sperm count.
  • Prostate Cancer: Didn’t the “cancer” word alarm you? Prostate is the small gland that produces semi-liquid substance that supports sperms to float and get transported, kind of like lubrication. When men excessively masturbate, the bad habit may affect this gland which can directly translate to prostate cancer, making it one of deadliest side effects of excessive ejaculation. Prostate cancer is aggressive as well, spreading rapidly.
  • Sore Genitals: Masturbating frequently, especially daily, can cause men to suffer from disease edema which swells up the genitals with itchiness, rashes and irritation. Edema is the disease in which particular parts of the body rapidly swells because of the retention of fluid in body tissue and usually happens when excessive pressure is put on certain organs of the body. The genitals of men eventually sores with increasing irritation.
  • Nightfall Problem: When men start to masturbate in their sleep, or more precisely in their wet dreams, they might suffer from nightfall problems because of too much exposure to sexual substances and masturbation.
  • Dhat Syndrome: Especially in India, the Dhat syndrome of the worst sexual problems in men where semen is passed while men pee. According to recent researches, Dhat syndrome is also an effect of masturbation.


The masturbation should be alarming to you if you feel that you are indulging in the pleasure too much. If you realize that masturbation becomes difficult to handle, be sure to follow these simple yet really effective tricks against it:

1.Say ‘NO’ to porn: For the majority of cases, the spark, the excitement, or the ignition is caused by addiction towards porn. Simply cutting the wire of your addiction to pornographic content is by far the best remedy.

2.Always find something physical to do: Diverting your mind and body towards an intensive activity will help the most. Consider picking up new hobbies that can keep yourself engaged and replace your masturbation.

3.Consult your doctor: You have realized your problem? Great! You have searched online and started reading this article? Even greater! Now consulting your doctor would be the greatest solution to your addiction.

4.Socialize often: The primary reason of why men might indulge in the burst-moment pleasure of masturbation is because they feel lonely. If the same happens to you, don’t shy away from socializing and meeting others.

5.Exercise regularly: Whatever you physical or mental problem may be, including masturbation, if you follow daily exercise routine, especially in the morning, it beats up your stress levels and keeps your mind calm.


Don’t you ever bad about masturbating, but never let it cross the boundary. Masturbation is absolutely natural and symbolizes the sexual desires of men, as well as boosting the sex drive and organ growth during teenage.  The urge to masturbate in key to an adolescent life and signifies the interest in sex. However, crossing the fence may lead to side effects. If you realize that you have crossed the fence, maybe it’s time to reduce or cut down on this self-service.

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