Marketing catalysts behind made in India brands

Marketing catalysts behind made in India brands

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Lot of us aspire to start something of our own. Sometimes lack of know-how of venturing stops us or delays that much awaited journey of ours. Apart from taking some valuable inputs from some of the fellow entrepreneurs or industry leaders we can bank upon lot of available resources be it online or offline on various aspects of starting our entrepreneurial journey. While building our own brand there are lot of aspects which we need to focus on including team building, operation, customer acquisition & service. One of the most important aspects of any business is the marketing. In today's world of social media it is lot more convenient to reach out to your target audience. But two or three decades back that was not the case. Those were days when offline marketing was mostly the way to go. There were lot of pros and cons of traditional marketing just like its digital counterpart. In our today's book review I am going to take you through one such book which narrates the entrepreneurial journeys of some of the leading Indian brands with a specific focus on the role of marketing in their success story.

Booming Brands by Harsh Pamnani is a well crafted (Well designed too) accumulation of some of the most exciting startup journeys in India. I preferred using the term exciting instead of popular or famous only because some of the brands covered here are not that regularly featured or well known in general but their journey is definitely inspiring. Author Harsh Pamnani is a well known marketer with over a decade of corporate experience. He is a regular contributor in the marketing strategy and entrepreneurship segment for some of the renowned business publications including Forbes, Economic Times, Business World. 

For a change instead of reading the entire story of how Byju's revolutionized edtech segment, zomato added a completely different dimension to food delivery or created a platform to find suitable bride or groom it would be nice to take a look on what prompted them to initiate their journey and the major marketing catalysts for their success. Booming Brands is the right medium to do that.

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