Meethi Eid | Eid ul Fitr is also called Meethi Eid

Meethi Eid | Eid ul Fitr is also called Meethi Eid

Eid ul Fitr is the breaking of Ramadan fast on the first day of Shawwal, the tenth Islamic month. Eid ul Fitr is also known as Meethi Eid as breaking of fast is done by eating sweet dish. A number of sweet dishes are prepared on this day like Sheer Khurma, Kimami Sevaiyyan, Falooda, Phirni, and Shahi Tukra. It indicates starting daily routine with a sweet note after a month of praying and fasting.

After a month long fasting days, Muslims break their fast by enjoying variety of sweet dishes. As this Eid is largely focused on prepration of sweets it is called Meethi Eid. Eating and sharing sweets among friends and family is part of Eid ul Fitr and is said to bring good luck and increase happiness. People enjoy scrumptious food items, meet friends and family, share smiles and hugs forgetting and forgiving all annoyances as part of the religious teachings.

Fasting is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Healthy adults are expected to observe the fast. During Ramadan, the fast helps believers purify their hearts, renew their faith, seek forgiveness, and increase self-discipline. It is also a time to focus on what is most important and positive in a believer’s life.

Ramadan is the name of the ninth lunar month in the Islamic calendar. Ramadan occurs during the month in which Muslims believe the Quran began to be revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. It is a joyous celebration for Muslims.

The Ramadan fast is absolute. Each day, from the time of Suhoor (the final meal before sunrise) until Iftar (the meal to break the fast), Muslims abstain from all food and water. Nothing may be consumed during these hours.

At the conclusion of Ramadan, Muslims celebrate the holiday of Eid-al-Fitr (the Festival of Breaking the Fast). It begins with the communal Eid prayer. The holiday includes breaking the month-long fast and celebrating together. This beautiful day is celebrated differently in different parts of the world mostly according to the traditions of each country, though the basics remain the same.

Meethi Eid | Eid ul Fitr is also called Meethi Eid

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