Meghalaya 7 Days Travel Itinerary and Guide

Meghalaya 7 Days Travel Itinerary and Guide

Meghalaya 7 Days Travel Itinerary

Meghalaya is a state in northeastern India. Meghalaya was formed on January 21, 1972, by spinning off two districts from Assam, United Cassie Hills, and Jaintia Hills and Gallo Hills. Meghalaya, formerly part of Assam, became the Kashi district of Garo on January 21, 1972. Jaintia Hills has become a new state in Meghalaya. The population of Meghalaya is estimated to be 3,211,474 in 2016. Meghalaya covers an area of ​​approximately 22,430 square kilometers and has a length-to-width ratio of approximately 3: 1. Here is Meghalaya – 7 Days Travel Itinerary.

The state borders Mymensingh and Sylhet in Bangladesh to the south, Rampur in Bangladesh to the west, and Assam in India to the north and east. The capital of Meghalaya is Shillong. While Britain ruled India, British imperial authorities called it “East Scotland.” Meghalaya has an official language i.e. English. Unlike many Indian states, Meghalaya has historically been matrilineal, with ancestors and inheritance being tracked through females. The daughter who is the youngest inherits all the wealth and takes care of her parents.

The state is India’s wettest region, with an average annual rainfall of 12,000 mm (470 inches) in the rainiest regions of the southern Kathy Mountains. About 70 percent of the state is covered with forest. The Meghalaya Subtropical Forest Ecoregion constitutes a state. The forest is different from the north-south tropical lowlands. Forests are characterized by a diversity of mammals, birds, and plants.

Why visit Meghalaya?

This cloud house is a treasure in the northeast, known for its pristine waterfalls, winding roads, the cleanest villages in Asia, and the best views of any part of the state. Meghalaya is a place where time freezes on the clear river water, and your heart beats fast every time you witness a beautiful waterfall that rushes down a sharp cliff. A trip to Meghalaya is one of your best experiences and is worth your time.

The state is full of hidden and unusual places, and it takes almost a month to fully explore. However, not everyone can spend so much time on their schedule. To help people plan their trip to Meghalaya in a short amount of time without missing the best places in the state, I’ve put together a 7-day itinerary for Meghalaya on this blog.

Is Meghalaya safe for traveling alone?

Meghalaya is one of the safest places to plan a solo trip. Even while traveling alone in Meghalaya, you can complete a 7-day itinerary.

Best time to visit Meghalaya | Meghalaya 7 Days Travel Itinerary

If you’re looking forward to exploring the most beautiful spots in Meghalaya, it’s best to plan an excursion during the summer season. A summer trip to Meghalaya will help you recover from the scorching summer heat. Most temperatures in this condition do not exceed 28 ° C in the summer. Nights are as fun as mornings. In the summer from April to June, there are several regional festivals. Therefore, summer is an ideal time to plan a trip to Meghalaya.

What dietary options do Meghalaya vegetarians have?

Like other cities in India, Meghalaya has a variety of options for vegetarians. At Shilling, you can experience Indian and Chinese cuisine at a local restaurant. The desserts served at Shiron’s cafe will also be loved by you. You can also explore street food where you can find delicious Jalebi, Delhi charts, samosas, and more.

Can I commute to work locally in Meghalaya if I don’t rent a car during my trip?

At Shillong, there are no commuting issues. Local taxis operate on a shared basis to various parts of the city. The minimum fare ranges from 10 to 30 rupees depending on the distance traveled. From Police Bazaar, the central location of Shillong, several taxis are also available at all major attractions in Shillong. The Meghalaya Tourist Office at Police Bazaar also organizes excursions to the most popular destinations. Personal rates are also quite cheap for those traveling alone.

Is it affordable to travel to Meghalaya for both budget-conscious travelers and backpackers?

Indeed, the answer is yes. You can opt for shared accommodation to travel around Meghalaya. If you are trying to keep your budget at a lower level, this is a wise choice for accommodation in Central Shillong. At Solar, you can stay overnight at “By the way”. Most of the host families here are quite expensive, so it’s a popular stop for backpackers. Also, Mawlynnong is very expensive, so we recommend camping in Dauki rather than Mawlynnong.

7-day itinerary in Meghalaya

One of the first things that come to mind when planning a vacation is the number of days it takes to get the most out of your destination. When it comes to Meghalaya packages, a 7-day trip may be right for you.

Here are some of the best things to explore during your vacation in Meghalaya. Find some of the most popular attractions and breathtaking locations included in the Meghalaya package.

Day 1-Journey from Guwahati to Shillong

Day 2-Journey from Cherrapunjee to Cherrapunjee

Day 3-Exploring Cherrapunjee

Day 4-Journey from Cherrapunjee to Mawlynnong

Day 5-Journey from Mawlynnong to Shillong

Day 6-Exploring Shiron

Day 7-Return to Guwahati from Shillong

In Detailed Meghalaya 7 Days Travel Itinerary:-

Day 1-Journey from Guwahati to Shillong

Travel days include a direct trip from Guwahati to Shillong. Tourists stop by Lake Umium and experience a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to enjoy the tranquility of the area. I cannot help but be amazed at the magnificent beauty of the place. If you are looking for something refreshing, you should try the Meghalaya package and it should be on your vacation list. Tourists can explore the “Khasi House”, a predominantly colonial house in the area. It provides tourists with a whole new perspective and perspective on the way of life for the local people.

Day 2-Journey from Cherrapunjee to Cherrapunjee

The second day will be accompanied by a drive from Cherrapunjee to Cherrapunjee. On this day, you need to understand the area better and explore the famous “Cassy Hills”. The scenic beauty of the place cannot be underestimated and seeks a landscape you have never experienced.

Tourists find their way and explore some of the most famous attractions. “Mawkdok Viewpoint”, “Elephant Falls” and “Mawsmai Caves” are just a few examples. This trip features one of the best Meghalaya packages you will find.

Day 3-Exploration of Cherrapunjee

On the third day of your trip, stop at some of the most popular and talked-about attractions in the Cherrapunjee region. Tourists are amazed to experience the wonders of nature and some of the wonderful places here. You can go to “Nohsngithiang Falls”, “Eco Park” and possibly “Cherrapunjee Market”.

Day 4-Travel from Cherrapunjee to Mawlynnong

Interested in traveling to one of the cleanest villages in Asia? Well, your trip from Cherrapunjee to Mawlynnong needs it exactly! Tourists can explore one of Asia’s most popular attractions for themselves. You can go to one of the region’s most beautiful boat trips, the Umgot River, or the Tamaville BOP for a non-worldly experience. If you’re looking for something great, take a look at the vast Bangladesh Plains.

Day 5-Travel from Mawlynnong to Shillong

Fifty days of your trip will bring you a wonderful expedition to Shillong. This should be one of the best in the Meghalaya package and will be the best exploration. Tourists can visit the region’s famous churches, which have a history of about 100 years. It allows you to enjoy the true beauty of the area. The Meghalaya package that fascinates you is for you.

Day 6: Explore Shillong

If you’re heading to Shillong, you can’t miss the famous “Shillong Peak”. This is the region’s most famous, popular, and well-known attraction. Only a few kilometers from the capital, tourists can be seen on the way to the summit.

Traveling here requires breathtaking views and a wonderful environment. You will be impressed with the importance of this place and what it has to offer. The Meghalaya package you are trying to love may be waiting for you!

Day 7-Return to Guwahati from Shillong

On the final day, you’ll need a drive back from Shillong to the Guwahati base. This is a fun and definitely valuable Meghalaya package that you can remember for a long time.

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