Miss Maharashtra Khushboo Joshi Interview

Hello and welcome back people to the Interview Series by ThatGratefulSoul Family. Today our guest is very special. She is Khushboo Joshi, Crowned twice as Miss Maharashtra 2018-19. She also leads NCC National Parade in Rajpath in 2015. She also featured in many newspapers. She lives in Thane, Mumbai. Where her native place is Jeeravala, Rajasthan. 

Sweety: A brief introduction about you?

Khushboo Joshi: Hi sweetie, giving you a brief introduction about me. My name is Khushboo Narayan Joshi. I graduated in accounting and finance and I was parade commander for 2015, national parade commander for NSS Content in 2015. Also, I am crowned twice and miss Maharashtra. I love dancing. I’m a trained dancer I used to teach at kasber dance academy as well as I have done partial Kathak in my former years of life.

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