My Dreams My Investments

Do you remember what you wished for as a child or as a young adult? Driving a car or flying high above the seas, studying abroad or just living a calm life while taking care of your family! Each one of us dreamt of becoming something-getting something.

Materialistic world is altogether a different place and the future is full of uncertainties. To get protected against it is our responsibility. In the process a few dreams are forgotten or replaced, yet achieving something surely remains on our list. It is rightly said that a heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers!

You must have noticed tiny creatures like ants storing food for their survival. Likewise a stringent plan is needed to fulfill the present and future requirements while looking forward to the dreams coming true. The next step would be to follow the plan closely.

Naren dreams of saving a large sum of money as against Sneha who prefers spending it and living life king size! Whatever is on your cards, you need to save money and invest it because afterall it is money that makes everything possible. At the same time it being a crucial source needs to be monitored constantly. Frivolous spending can put one back to square one ! 

Following your heart, your dreams or life goals is everything but parallely we all need to take on the responsibilities first and invest in a way to take care of life’s entire financial cycle as all the monetary aspects are interrelated.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”.-Antoine de Saint Exupery.

 Lets see how one could plan successfully-

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