New NBA 2K23 Gameplay Leaked

New NBA 2K23 Gameplay Leaked

Recently this time 2K Games announced a lot of information about NBA 2K23 gameplay. Through this information, we already have a certain understanding of NBA 2K23. This is not enough. Now the new NBA 2K23 gameplay has been leaked.

How much do players know about NBA 2K23?

Players already know the release date of NBA 2K23, the changes in gameplay, the cover athletes, and other information.

This game will be released on September 9, we still need to wait for half a month. Now we can pre-order NBA 2K23 first, by pre-ordering this game we can get cheap mt 2k23 and some item rewards.

NBA 2K23 has several different cover athletes. These cover athletes are Devin Booker, Michael Jordan, Sue Bird, and Diana Taurasi.

Not long ago 2K sports announced some NBA 2K23 gameplay changes. These changes include Defense, Badges, Takeovers, and more.

Now the new NBA 2K23 gameplay has been leaked, and we'll introduce it to you in detail below.

The new NBA 2K23 gameplay

Wayne is back and he did a survey. In this survey, he asks if we want iconic dribbles like Curry's. To this many players gave a positive answer. Many players want to be able to dribble like Curry in NBA 2K23.

If the new gameplay of NBA 2K23 is cheese, then the best cheese should be reserved for high ball controls. to get this cheese you need to have a tall player, which means your height will be affected. No tall player has that kind of ball control unless they are a pure player.

If you're doing a next-gen system you should erase all that and not need pie charts. You can't be six or seven on 99 ball control. With Mike Wayne confirming that the highest ball handles are 92 points for Curry and Trey. Some other players will improve to 90 points. How high do you have to go to reach that?

Whatever it is, just short enough to get that. Dribble so they can balance this out.

Slam Dunk

If they do the dunk right, that means if you let us use that high ball control you won't be able to dunk. Because you're too short and you're not dunking. So you need to be a high shooter.

You can see what happened in NBA 2K22. It's very toxic because mismatched experts because of blinders. if you take the blinders off, they won't mismatch. will they be that op I don't think they would I think that enhanced. Will they be that op? I don't think they would, I think that enhances the mint shark.

I'm going to show you a chart here. This chart is for you to see the dump that you get on each one of them.

The vertical is for next year, not currently. The verticals are required, they do have them. The dunking requirement, so the tipping angle stays the same. If you're going to have a 92 ball control, I doubt you're going to get those dunks.

If you can master the driving technique, you can get these dunks. But we'll have a problem with you having another Dimmy. It looks like to get that you might have to go a little bit higher. Anything as small as six point five or less and as big as six point nine or more.

He said something else, which is important. In 2K22, the cheesiest dunk is a quick drop shot. Now, there's a higher requirement for a quick dunk. The leaping requirement is 80, the driving dunk is 60.

What does that mean?

So that tells you that they're trying to cut the cheese. They do this every year. They look at the metadata from the year before and try to adjust it. But instead of doing that sometimes, they look forward, forward to seeing what the new era is going to be.

I mean it's hard to predict what's going to become dominant. If you've got another slam dunk package similar to the rapid decline.

Do you have an adrenaline boost connection?

Adrenaline is elevated on both Gins and Mike Wayne. Adrenaline is not really on defense. I've heard conflicting stories that adrenaline is not on defense, only on offense. That needs to be clarified ASAP because it's a big difference and it's toxic if the only adrenaline you get is on the offensive end. That would mean the offense would have a slight speed advantage over the defense. The benefit to the defense outweighs the offense, and I don't want that, I want the defense and the offense to be at the same level.

If it takes too much skill to play defense, like 2k22, most of us can't do it because it's almost impossible.

What are your biggest three points?

Most of you have chosen 82 to 85. I agree with you guys. If you all said 90, I'd be pissed. Because don't give them 92 points on the ball and 93 points, I don't care how high they are.

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