OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5 comparison
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OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5 comparison

43 views • Oct 16th, 2020

The latest smartphone Oneplus 8T looks like it could eat the google pixel 5 for breakfast, because it provides same features in a very affordable price. Users can get 120hz display, quad camera setup, dual 32 megapixel selfie camera, high-end chipset and big life battery. So this smartphone is listed as one of the top budget friendly smartphone to buy in 2020.

Google also launched its new smartphone "Pixel 5" which is also a good quality phone from Google. But, can Pixel 5 provide features like OnePlus 8T in a same price? Here we are going to compare Google Pixel 5 and OnePlus 8t features and specifications. So let's check this before buying.

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