Can PEMF Therapy be used for Bone Stimulation

Can PEMF Therapy be used for Bone Stimulation

The human body supplies energy through an electromagnetic field that is required for the proper functioning of the tissues and cells. The use of PEMF therapy is numerous and is not only limited to treating chronic pains but also is used to heal the body at the cellular level.

The benefits of PEMF therapy include improving the oxygenation level, lowering inflammation and chronic pain, expediting the healing process from injuries, and regenerating new bone formation.

Although there is little evidence of PEMF therapy in bone stimulation, research is still ongoing and will certainly come up with concrete proof someday or the other. Click here to find out more details HealthyLine Outlet.

What is a PEMF Therapy?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy and it uses low-frequency electromagnetic waves that improve the overall health of patients. Additionally, more clinical evidence has suggested that patients can regain their lost health along with finding a permanent number of medical conditions.

The human body consists of an electromagnetic field similar to that of the earth’s electromagnetic field. The human body includes both positive and negative charges inside the cell membranes. Both these negative and positive charges involve exchanging of ions along with transporting chemical reactions into cell membranes. Moreover, damaged cells have reduced electromagnetic charge that lowers their exchanging capability of ions. PEMF therapy not only improves these damaged cells but also helps in the regeneration of new cells within the human body. It also enables restoring the required charge for the generation of renewed energy within the body.

Apart from this, PEMF therapy also depends upon the duration of treatment, intensity, and frequency. These important key points have a huge role in bone stimulation within the human body.

What is the impact of PEMF Therapy on Bone Stimulation?

Astronauts experienced muscle stiffness along with bone loss during their journey to space. However, when the FDA conducted an experiment in treating muscle stiffness and bone loss in astronauts, they found it to be an effective and a non-invasive method in improving these medical conditions along with healing union fractures.

The traditional method for bone stimulation involved electrical invasion. Although the results of PEMF depend upon numerous factors, various clinical research has shown positive results in bone stimulation and the overall healing process. Moreover, PEMF therapy is also found to be effective in treating tibial fractures.

PEMF therapy involves a higher impact of electromagnetic waves into the body and the affected part along with deeper penetration. Few clinical studies also stated that patients treated with PEMF therapy responded positively and also showed positive results on chronic pain.

The application of PEMF therapy on mesenchymal cells enabled osteoblasts along with showing marked improvement in the symptoms of fractures. PEMF therapy helps stimulate these mesenchymal cells that are necessary for developing osteoblasts.

The significant advantage of PEMF therapy is that it involves a non-invasive procedure of treating various medical conditions and less risk in bone fractures.

What is the Impact of PEMF Therapy Mechanism on Skeletal Systems?

Although PEMF therapy has numerous benefits in treating various medical conditions, its electromagnetic stimulation still remains a mystery to many researchers and clinical experts.

A report suggested that PEMF therapy helps in bone stimulation along with improving cartilage repair within the human body. This report also included various cell responses when they received electromagnetic therapy.

The first result was signal transduction in the cell membrane adenosine receptors. The second result involved activation of osteoinductive pathways in patients. The third result involved stimulation of the skeletal extracellular matrix along with signaling molecules and structural molecules. All these results impacted bone stimulation along with improving the symptoms of osteotomies, arthritis, and fractures.

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