Power of Desire

If I have to tell you about the biggest power there is in this universe, then it is the Power of Desire. It is the power of desire only that makes one’s mind wander here and there. The desire for pleasure. The whole world is running after a desire of some kind or the other. The desire of doing something, the desire of becoming something, the desire of getting something, the desire of achieving something, the desire to not lose what you have.

Can you imagine what will happen if one hypothetically wipes out all the desires of any kind from every person in this world? The world will probably come to a halt. Everyone on this planet has some kind of desire and one can’t possibly subdue the power of desire he has.

Once a desire firms its place in our minds then you can’t even imagine the power it brings with itself. The power of desire is what makes us push our boundaries, widen our potentials, and make us reach new heights. But it’s this very power of desire only that becomes the reason for one’s downfall and all the hardships one may have to face in life.

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