Pre wedding preparation for the Indian bride
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Pre wedding preparation for the Indian bride

114 views • Sep 16th, 2020

Wedding day is indeed the most important day in the lives of brides. All the brides wish to be the center of attraction and look their best on their D-day. Getting the perfect look on the day is not as easy as it sounds. Women all beautiful on their own, but on their D-day, it is important for them to look most beautiful. For Indian brides, there are lots of customs and traditions that are performed to enhance the natural beauty of the bride to be. Prebridal preparation is one of the things that is extremely important for any girl to be in her looks on her wedding day.

But are the natural homemade ways enough to bring out the flawless skin for the bride? Though there is nothing better than the natural things on skin, but to make a bride into a flawless one, there are a lot of things and sessions done upon. If you as a bride are looking for the pre bridal packages near me, then this is the right place for you. Check out the pre wedding packages for you and make your special day extra special like a movie star.

What pre bridal sessions are?

So, what are the pre bridal sessions? This all about making your skin, body and hair healthier, beautiful and to bring perfection. It includes all the procedures from cleaning, exfoliating, and getting out all of the extra hairs, nails glossed to perfection. Facials, laser treatments, etc are also included in the prebridal sessions if the brides want them to be in. The pre bridal facial exfoliates the skin and adds a glow onto the skin that lasts longer.

Why to go for the pre bridal packages?

The first big question is why one needs to prep up for the big day? Despite all the logical explanations for this, the most logical explanation for this is that we all have hair and skin issues. Foxing up them the right way is much important. At the pre bridal sessions, the issues are fixed and then smooth the bride is transitioned to make up. So, if you are thinking of makeup without prepping before, this would be a poor masking attempt and the results might look flawed. The pre bridal preparation nourishes the body and makes sure that the make-up looks extra beautiful and toned up onto the skin.

Also, pre wedding shoots are in trends and to catch up that perfect look is not easy. On the special shoots as well, it is important that you look beautiful and captivating.

When to start with the pre bridal packages?

Ideally, it is considered that the pre bridal prep should begin a couple of months prior to the wedding. As the pre bridal packages contain the complete skin rejuvenation, smoothening, cleaning and other procedures that take time and enhance the inner beauty of your skin.

Things to consider while choosing the pre bridal make up packages:

As a bride, it would be a lie if you say that you have never dreamed of a perfect wedding. A wedding in which you look at your best. Being an Indian bride, there are a lot of worries and to be perfect it is important that you look perfect for your wedding day. Pre bridal packages are available at different prices. Here are some of the pre bridal tips that you must consider before you begin with your session:

  • Choose the pr bridal package that would go with throughout your celebrations.

  • Pre bridal prices are a must watch as it depends on the total budget of your wedding as well. Choose a package that meets your requirement with quality and in your budget panel.

  • Check what is included in the pre bridal: Generally, the body scrubs, wraps, waxing, threading, hair styling, massage, spa, manicure, pedicure etc are the basics that should be present in all.

  • Discuss the skin problems, if you have any as the prebridal sessions are important to treat those issues as well and help you to achieve that flawless look on your day.

Where to get the pre bridal packages done from?

Meribindiya is one of the best Doorstep Bridal Services provider company that offers the bride with a comprehensive range of pre bridal packages in Delhi NCR. Check out the pre bridal packages list with us and choose the right one for you. If you are confused about the right kind of package, then you can have a talk with our consultants. You will get the right guidance with skin experts for your skin at meri bindiya.

Pre bridal tips to help you with preparations

Though the pre bridal packages at meribindiya enhance your beauty to the next level, it is important that you consider the other things as well. For Indian brides, to look perfect is most important and all the wedding functions are stressing and tiring. The stress, anxiety and a lot of other things that make the skin go dull and issues can pop up with this. You also can get the pre bridal packages at home and can just sit, relax and enjoy the wedding preparations. Here are the bonus tips that will make you look healthy, beautiful and happier on your special day:

  • Water! Drink plenty of water. De hydrated skin doesn’t look glowing and healthy and drinking water will work wonders for your skin

  • When you are going for the pre bridal sessions, make sure that you are not heading into the sun for a couple of hours right after the session.

  • Consulting a dermatologist would be a great idea for pigmentation and acne on the skin.

  • Try to cut on the oily and spicy food until your D day. For radiant skin, it is a good idea to stick to a green diet.

  • Make a check on the hairstylist and the products that you are going to use.

Apart from all this, staying happy is the key. The happier you are the more beautiful you would look. So, browse through the various pre bridal packages list available and shine on your special day. Make it memorable and radiant for yourself.