Rekindling travel in the age of Corona Virus
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Rekindling travel in the age of Corona Virus

38 views • Sep 19th, 2020

Well, eight months have already passed this year. It’s been a year which will be remembered for a very long time and it may not be for good things. On personal front 2020 started with a good note. New travels especially a few much-awaited long-distance road trips were in the pipeline. Some short trips were started materializing as usual. There were enough trips on the card to satisfy the travel bug in me for at least the next six months and then Corona happened!

Needless to say that the virus that originated in China has affected almost the entire population of the world directly or indirectly. Our lives for the most part after mid-March have been oscillating between lockdowns and unlocks. People are venturing out just to do the essentials to sustain life. The daily reports of increase or decrease in new cases and deaths have reduced the human lives to mere statistics.  The fun outings which we were so used to now feel like from a different age altogether!

Although, the empty roads of initial phases of lockdowns have now given the way to vehicular traffic the situation is far from normal.  In fact, there is a huge jump in Corona positive cases after this gradual opening up and there is still no sign of this ending any time sooner. The situation is dire for everyone but the people in love with traveling are finding themselves in a peculiar situation. I am sure such people would have never sat idle for this long without hitting the roads. 

So the question every travel lover has in mind is what will be the travel scene in the coming months, if not years? The scar created by the fear of this virus is unlikely to disappear so easily. Even though restrictions are lifting up slowly most people have become risk-averse, a bit apprehensive as well. They cannot be blamed also as even after the passage of almost eight months no one anywhere in the world can safely declare how the virus can be stopped or its remedies. It’s all guesswork, applying a kind of hit and trial method!

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