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Rise Web Series

25 views • Oct 09th, 2020

Life is the world’s most underrated journey that has everything we expect from travel. People want to travel the world without realizing their life in itself is a new world. There are checkpoints, milestones, opportunities, unpredictability, and so much more associated with life.

However, we all still want to get inside the other side of life where we complain about things we lose, material happiness, and so on and so forth. Although none of us including me have ever thought beyond material happiness, it is the truth of life.


Vikrant Massey is the lead actor in the series. He is one of those actors who gained popularity in web series and OTT platforms. He has also done an exceptional job in Mirzapur. However, the series we are talking about is old enough and the actor has done a fabulous job.

Kumar Varun has a small role, yet he does justice to every second he is seen on-screen. Plus, being a stand-up comedian he is very good with comic timing. So no surprises there, yet a good job.

Atul Shrivastava plays Mr Sharma. His character is very unique. He plays the role of a 55-year-old man who is all about life. Mr Sharma likes to recreate the movies he loves. He is seen sharing experiences with Vikrant Massey which slowly builds up the essence of the show.

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