The Role of Business Cards in the Digital Age

The Role of Business Cards in the Digital Age

Advances in technology drive businesses to digital conveniences. The usual business atmosphere has now transformed into a paperless operation. Business correspondence has widened our interaction with the rest of the world, which is now faster and cost-efficient compared to snail mails. The internet can offer almost every business tool to disseminate information and promote e-commerce. For instance, if you need a printing company for your business cards, you do not need to use your legs, but a finger can find your business cards online.

Building Professional Connection

Lifestyles change tremendously, and everything goes high-tech in sharing information. We use cellphones to exchange contact numbers. And yet, an important factor seems to be missing the equation, and that is professionalism.

In business etiquette, customers prefer to give a face to a name to get the impression of a business’ willingness to have a long-term relationship. This is where business cards enter. They are mostly emailed during the promotional phase, and before the first meeting. Exchanging mobile numbers seems to be very informal. When you mean business, you need black and white proof, in either soft or hard copy, in which giving out business cards is the first thing in mind.

How business cards evolved throughout these years?

Giving out business cards has been a long-time practice. It was in the 15th century when the Chinese introduced the use of meishi cards as invitations for people to meet. Look how Chinese are now! They are renowned business-oriented people. The meishi tradition was handed down from east to west for many generations. In this digital age, exchanging business cards still exists as the custom stays alive.

Business cards are effective tools for business promotion and personal connection.

It appears professional to keep a stack of business cards in your laptop bag or purse all the time. You have an edge if you prepare yourself with this marketing tool. Sharing business cards creates interpersonal networking and spurs more opportunities through direct marketing.

Can business cards compete in the digital age?

Yes! First and foremost, giving contact details through business cards over the internet has no downtime. 

As per Adobe’s blog, your sales can increase by 2.5% when you give around 2,000 cards. Do you think this figure is insignificant? If your business has an annual income of $100,000, a 2.5% increase is adding $2,500 to your earning. That is quite a good return when you are only spending a hundred dollars on professional business cards online.

The staying power of business cards up to this day when digital alternatives are here left and right is quite impressive. Aside from the minimal expense, we cannot replace the lasting connection that this traditional practice connotes to remain relevant.

Going digital is quantitative, while sharing business cards emphasize quality. As your clients record many contact details, the tendency is to forget about their circumstances. Most clients will go over the stack of business cards. They have to recall your particulars. It is very accurate, especially when cards come with a photo. It is easier to remember the first meeting when clients can recognize faces.

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