Sanchita: Kaji Najrul Islam Part 1

I am a Bengali by birth and if you ask me who is my fav poet from Bengal then the first name that I will take is …Kaji Najrul Islam, if my answer make you surprised then I will not at all be surprised, actually when the most of Bengalis are fond of R.N. Tagore then naturally my answer can make you surprised, in my post ‘Using The Name” in my another blog I have written how some people are fake worshipers of Tagore and also using his name…


Gone are the days…there was a time when I used to be an orator, there were no one expect my sister who could defeat me in that field, later I realized it more deeply that she is far better orator than me and at present when that quality has almost vanished from me she has achieved more perfection, those days we both have taken part in many cultural programs as an orator also(won lots of prizes) so naturally we had read lots of Bengali poems apart from our Bengali text books.

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