Seller Backed for Banning Dad of Her Daughter's Classmate From Buying House

Seller Backed for Banning Dad of Her Daughter's Classmate From Buying House

The internet is backing a woman who doesn't know how to tell her estate agent she doesn't want a potential buyer to see her house.

In a post shared on the social media platform Mumsnet on Tuesday, the woman, who goes by the username Myhousemy, explained that the man viewing the house, who she nicknamed "Mr Smith", viewed the house a few weeks ago but made no offer, saying work needed doing and he needed to think about it.

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For this reason, she thought he was a "time waster" and didn't want him around again. Additionally, "Mr Smith" is the father of one of her daughter's classmates, and she feels that when the girl steps in her daughter's room she's allowing her to invade her daughter's privacy.

"Mr Smith has a [daughter] in the same class as my [daughter] and when he viewed my house he brought his [daughter] with him.

My [daughter] was upset at the thought of this girl in her class going [into] her room, seeing all her things etc. It's obvious my [daughter] lives here as there are school photos on the walls etc."

The woman believes she doesn't need "Mr Smith'' to buy her house. "I am confident my house will sell as we have lots of viewers lined up and house is in good area etc. We have spent a lot of money on new kitchen/bathroom etc so I guess there is an element of annoyance at Mr Smith saying he 'needs to work out how much to knock off asking price for renovations' - estate agents words."

Kevin Kendra, managing director at Fitch Ratings, a credit rating agency, told Newsweek last week he thinks it's unlikely there'll be a housing crash like the one of 2008.

The latest Freddie Mac report, dated July 2022, shows that house price appreciation is slowing to a more moderate growth rate, and they expect price growth to be 12.8 percent and 4.0 percent in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

Of the 192 comments in the thread, most users backed the woman saying she had every right to refuse any visitors to her own property, while others said she could be missing out on the biggest bidder.

One user, VerifiedBot2351, suggested: "Can you say something about wanting new viewers, not second-viewers?"

And Chamomileteaplease said: "Yes that's a good idea. Say that you would prefer the slots be taken up by new viewers. It's your house, you are within your rights not to have someone in that you don't want—remember that! Plus presumably you wouldn't want to have to be dealing with him as a purchaser!"

While TeenDivided pointed out: "Suppose he's coming back with a view to making an offer? Are you really saying you would refuse to sell to him if his offer was otherwise acceptable?"

RockinHorseShite said: "The estate agents are working for you. You tell them whatever you like. Mr Smith sounds like a CFer looking to drop the price anyway & you don't need his sale, so I'd definitely cancel & block him viewing again. I did this with a property company when I sold my old flat, I had no intention of selling to them & I definitely had no intention of dropping the price, so why waste time."

And JasmineVioletRose argued: "I think you are being weird. Just don't tell your daughter?! He might be the highest bidder. You have no idea."

A stock image shows an estate agent during a viewing. The internet can't pick a side after a woman said she doesn't want her daughter's classmate's father to buy her house. Getty Images

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