smart office desk | smart computer desk

smart office desk | smart computer desk

Desqoo Enterprises Pvt Ltd is leading office furniture manufacturer and furniture consultant. Desqoo design, create and implement individually tailored functional oriented ergonomic furniture to meet the needs of a modern workspace.Desqoo is one of the most unique office interior design companies progressively becoming one of the leading sit and stand desk manufacturers in India.

Space, a three-dimensional expanse or an inherent locale, it’s a mystical and a metaphysical phenomenon that has been the primeval source of mankind’s evolution. Through ages, centuries, decades and years, it has epitomized the core essence of transcendence. Yes indeed, space is not mere a place where we live or work, it is where we emerge, unravel and dwell beyond the horizon. The environ, the ambience, is the epicentre of the centre that determines the upshot of an endeavour. If we could connect the idealistic dots through the grid of obscurity and facilitate the vibrance of good vibes, magic happens. This is exactly where Desqoo steps-in. And our journey which began there, led us to becoming one of the leading workspace designers, and a trusted dealer of smart desks for home & office use in India.

Incepted with an inspiring aspiration to transform spaces and endorse an exemplary culture, Desqoo is the name to reckon with, when it comes to modern office interior design. Specializing in smart desks for home & office in India, we believe in creating coherent workspaces that nurture talent, promote excellence and personify a holistic ecosystem. We act as a catalyst in creating a conducive setting that enables individuals to perform at their fullest potential and deliver the desired outcomes. Slowly but progressively, we have been making significant impact in various sectors encompassing giant corporates and SMEs with our unique approach & quality of world-class standards.

Understanding the nuances of your business, thorough analysis and diligent planning are the first stepping stones. It is where it all begins, stimulating our inner instincts and motivating us with a flare of spark that leads towards the designing and execution of a remarkable workspace.

Long hours of work-from-home demand a space conducive for creativity. While creating a set up for home office, picking the right spot ensures productivity and innovation. Choose a quiet corner away from the hustle and bustle of the household. A guest bedroom, a part of the porch or the balcony can all be revamped into work spaces with the right work from home furniture. If you don’t have a large house or you are a working mother with the extra burden of homeschooling children during the pandemic, don’t worry, create artificial boundaries within the space you have. Work smart with desks put on either side of a bookshelf or have a temporary folding screen or glass partitioning to section out the work space. Co-working with your partner by placing desks facing away from each other in the same room can give you the necessary intimacy but also ensure a smooth zoning into your work without distractions.

 Invest in ergonomic furniture to get the best out of those long hours working from home. A smart desk which is comfortable and adaptable to the needs of our body as we navigate through the hectic work hours can go a long way in keeping our energy intact and attention alert. An adjustable desk and a comfortable chair will keep our spines erect and eyes relaxed at an optimal distance from the different types of screens we juggle for work. A desk with storage can help your mind unclutter by keeping the work space clean and organized. Don’t forget to check for spacious leg rooms under the desks for those quick stretches during breaks to get your A game back on! Opt for the SmartDesk from Desqoo, with enviable experience in creating the best height adjustable tables in India, to get the best smart desk in the market.

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Catering to the challenging demands of home offices, Smart Desk in India earns its epithet by being unique in its design and specifically well-crafted for work-from-home spaces. The design is sleek, chic and clean making it congenial to the commitments of working within what was previously domestic environs. Easily mobile and moveable to different corners of your home, it satiates the human urge to rebel against monotony while ensuring that work goals are met on time.Smart desks in India are getting extra love from patrons of minimalism for being compact and comfortable. Like a beautifully constructed mathematical theorem, ergonomically designed smart desks are succinct design marvels which can unravel the usual difficulties of working from home like lack of space and increased fatigue. With its inbuilt feature of height adjusting electronically which is incorporated by the best Smart desk dealers in India, the usual occupational maladies of backache and eyestrain can be effectively avoided.

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