Social Media Influencing apps for mobile to try
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Social Media Influencing apps for mobile to try

69 views • Sep 07th, 2020

With the increasing Social media platforms and modern advertising schemes, the advertising industry has changed a lot. Also with the industry alongside, social media influencing has become a favorite of youngsters who are gone crazy over becoming a celebrity. Some we have seen rising to the heights that no one has thought of, they are like well-known people now. Or, we can say, them as celebs, because of their large followers on social media in numbers like Thousands and millions. With a platform like Instagram and Titktok, there has been an increase in the number of social media influencers, because of the ease of content creation provided by these apps. Uploading a video or a story gives them instant likes.

So, we have compiled a list of Social Media influencing Apps for mobile that helps to earn with social media influencing, in terms of money and products from brands, with advertisements on respective social media channels of the influencer.

1. Winkl for Influencers: Collaborations & Resources

Winkl for Influencers Collaborations Resources - Social Media Influencing apps for mobile to try
Winkl for Influencers on PlayStore

The Winkl is a community of Content Creators & Influencers For Instagrammers, Youtubers, Tiktok stars, artists, photographers, bloggers alike to come together, view each other’s work, learn about content creation and collaborate with top brands.

On the Winkl app, you can access curated brand collaborations from top brands in India. The collaborations section as all the right tools which help you manage your brand collaborations easily without any hassle. Right from applying to campaigns, getting shortlisted, payments (barter + paid), accessing the content brief, generating invoices and tracking payments.

2. MNFST – Raise your influence

MNFST – Raise your influence - Social Media Influencing apps for mobile to try
MNFST on play store

The MNFST [Manifest] is a social lifestyle app that helps you become a better creator, promote brands you like and causes you care about, and get rewarded for it, where the reward depends on your social rating (Social Capital Score), which represents the level of your influence and popularity on a social network.

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