Solo trip to Gods own Country – Munnar | Kerala

Solo trip to Gods own Country – Munnar | Kerala

Solo trip to Gods own Country – Munnar

Travel is always about experiences than just sights and sounds. And these unique travel experiences can vary from adventure to culture. A walking tour, learning an art or a craft gives you a peek into the country than just visiting landmarks or admiring views. As a traveler, I am always filled with these experiences. During my recent trip to Munnar, I was looking for some unique experiences. I wasn’t sure what will happen there but I made sure to make this journey the most memorable and unusual. Read below Solo trip to Gods own Country – Munnar- Kerala.

My Journey:

Munnar is located in Kerala and I was the in Bangalore. So I started my journey by a train and landed firstly on Alleppuza station at 7 in the morning. This was my first visit to Kerala and this had to be unusual as i didn’t know much about their language as well as their way of living, their culture and everything else.

As I reached there, I was stumbled to see that an accident has occurred. Many people traveling in the ferry drowned inside the deep water and were all died, their pictures were posted on the ferry. After seeing this incident I was very scared of traveling on the ferry.

I was very confused to sit on the ferry or not as no one knew that I am in Kerala and if I died no one will come to know where I am. The ferry had already arrived at the spot. Ferry was about to go and at the last moment somehow I gathered all my senses and decided to go on the ferry and I climbed over it.

But there was no one with me, only the driver and a crew member were along with me. I still wanted to go off the ferry but as it was started I couldn’t go. The ferry was, again and again, giving a jerk. I was so scared. As we were about to reach, before 5 minutes it stopped for a while as something got stuck in it. I became so tense, I couldn’t even think what will happen with me now but the driver told me that nothing was wrong just something got stuck in it. I then got a bit of relief. At last, I finally reached the end.


I was now at Kumarakom. I explored the local places there it was fun roaming on the streets of Kumarakom, i saw many new things. Now my next journey was to Munnar. I was damn excited to visit Munnar as it is known as Kashmir of South India. It is the most famous place in India in the Idukki district of Kerala.

So my journey was finally started to this beautiful place. On my way, I saw the mesmerizing view of tea gardens on both the sides of roads. I was in the laps of nature


Kochi is a destination where culture, history, and sea comes together. I had my dinner in Kochin. I asked them for water there as I drank the water it felt so hot. The water was hot, I then asked for normal water but they refused as in Kochin only hot water is served due to the polluted water. The water there is so polluted that they have to serve hot water. Next morning I came back to Bangalore.

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