Stronger than my circumstances #GratitudeCircle
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Stronger than my circumstances #GratitudeCircle

55 views • Sep 08th, 2020

I know I am a week late with the August Gratitude Circle blog hop but there are pretty good reasons why. If there’s one thing I’ve realized yet again, it is that I am stronger than my circumstances.

In these already challenging times, it is amusing how life keeps presenting bizarre situations that are seemingly stressful and look impossible – and yet – things do work out because I believe we are all stronger than our circumstances.

To begin with, let me share why this post is up later than usual.

Sometime in mid-August, I started having problems with my blog hosting services. Hours of waiting on customer care did not solve the issue. In fact, they kept saying the problem had been solved but the truth was, it was not solved. Then two weeks on, my sister Vanita, who was doing all the heavy weight lifting on this issue while I sat looking worried on the side, decided we should move before something really drastic happened.

Of course, I trust her blindly in most things and she got things rolling to shift my six blogs to a new hosting company. This happened over a week and I know how challenging it was for her, constantly troubleshooting and fixing things and ensuring everything was up and running.

I am so grateful to have Vanita on my side, taking care of everything. Sure, I worried a lot – unnecessarily as it turned out later – the lack of knowledge about certain things can make us panic. Still, all is well that ends well. And all my blogs are up and running now.

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